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I’m going to start this post by saying I’m annoyed, really annoyed. Why am I annoyed I hear you ask (or not…)? Well, I am annoyed because it is only recently that I discovered the amazing food that is served at The Angelic in N1. Yes, this annoyed me. It annoyed me for two reasons, one – because I have been missing out on delicious food for so long. And two – because it is SO close to where I live and I should have, frankly – known better. But discover it I have, and very happy about that fact. And with that, I wanted to share the experience a bit – for anyone in the area, who might want to brave life slightly away from Upper Street for a bite to eat.

The Angelic





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The Angelic is a pretty typical looking pub, quite big, and spacious on the inside. With a smattering of tables filled with a range, from men sharing beers, to hockey-club kit clad girls enjoying a post-game feast, or mums and their kids having a gossip over lunch. It’s not a pretentious pub at all, and the fact that it’s so roomy is a major selling point. You feel comfortable and there are lots of 6-seat tables, rather than the typical four – a bonus for big groups. There’s also a lovely upstairs area that can be hired that has a fireplace, pretty stain glass windows and a small bar so you don’t need to climb up and down stairs each time you fancy a beverage.

But for me, the main ‘wow’ factor of The Angelic has to be the food, that personally I thought was delicious. With the burger being the major attraction – and I didn’t even eat it! But just look at it… *drools*

I went for a starter portion of calamari – that was delicious, came with a couple of slices of crispy bread. Plus a side order of broccoli stems (that was my attempt at being healthy, instead of having chips). The other orders for LG and LW around the table were – the special of Eggs Benedict, which looked delicious and the burger. Which as I said, was the main star of the show and the reason I keep thinking about going back again!

The burger is not just any burger, it’s made from braised steak that is then sort of ‘stuck’ together into a patty. So not just any old meat in a bun, slow-cooked, braised meat – packed with flavour and dripping with red leicester cheese (extra marks for them for including a top cheese choice of mine). Then the chips. Oh God, the chips. Served in a mini frying basket, these things are a thing of beauty – perfectly cooked and chunky. Really can’t go wrong. Then all topped off with a lightly toasted bun. It really was a thing of wonder as far as burgers go. I had major food envy. Throw in some onion rings and you have the perfect ‘diet ruiner’ meal – that’s so totally worth it.

Also worth a mention is the little break plate they bring before your meal. Slices of tasty bread with various dipping pots. My personal favourite was a dab of oil with a touch of sea salt… yum.

If you’re in the Angel area (my ‘hood in London – and probably my favourite area to spend time) then definitely recommend The Angelic, I fully plan to become a regular there. Seriously. Just look at that burger – it’s like you can almost taste it through the screen…

More info: The Angelic Website



    • Jen
      January 26, 2014 / 10:52 am

      It’s so good, definitely worth a visit!

  1. February 25, 2014 / 11:52 pm

    Can’t believe I’ve never heard of this place either, looks yummy, I’m sold!

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