111Skin Micro Pen Facial: Review

Ok, another time for a bad blogger alert – as it’s actually a few months since I had this treatment and neglected to write about it straight away *slaps self on wrist*. But, better late than never! I’m on a bit of a skincare/beauty mission at the moment with the wedding looming and when I got to thinking about facials to have and routines to get into (I have a decent enough skincare routine, but do switch products to try and test frequently) I thought back over a few facials I have had and found my notes on this one. The 111Skin Micro Pen Facial is one that’s a bit more ‘extreme’ than a regular product/massage based one – as this includes tons of small pricks being made into the skin using the micro pen, with the idea being that the skin then is forced to produce more collagen to get the skin healing and repairing from the slight damage of the micro pen.

111 skin micro pen facial



I have had a similar concept facial treatment called ‘Dermaeraze’ previously, and whilst at the time I was pleased with the results. In hindsight, these didn’t last that long and the healing time wasn’t worth it (crusty scabbing under-eye area? No thank you…). Because of this healing time experience before, I was a little nervous going for my 111Skin facial – but my therapist was very reassuring, answering all the questions I had thoroughly and I felt in good hands. Due to my nerves, she kept the treatment on the lowest setting – meaning that the needle incisions would only go to a very shallow depth.

Pain wise, there was none – a slight discomfort around ares where bone is closer to the skin surface (nose, temples, chin). Skin afterwards felt quite warm, like I had been in the sun for a bit too long- which is why they apply the wonderful Brightening Activator and Moisture Infusion System mask. These are my favourite thing about the treatment – so cooling and hydrating, these are amazing and well worth a purchase even if you don’t have the full facial. These would be amazing for any post flight/hangover/sunexposure type situation where skin needs a moisture boost and a bit of cooling, soothing action.

So, whilst the facial was an experience- and I did like how my face felt and looked the days after the facial (slightly more plumped, hydrated) the real win for me of this facial was discovering the masks and how fab these are. The good news being there’s a whole skincare range out there – so no need to subject yourself to a needle based facial if you’re a tad squeamish (I hate needles myself) but you can check out the range and get all the benefits without the pricking… downside being that this sort of premium skincare does not come cheap I’m afraid. For these masks, the price is £75 for 6 mask sachets but the 111skin brand is extremely premium with the top level Celestial Black Diamond Night Cream costing an eye-watering £599…. yes, that’s £1 off SIX HUNDRED POUNDS. So not one to expect to pick up on your next impulse spree,  unless you happen to be royalty of somesort. But the mask is perhaps an alternative that suddenly seems all the more affordable when you look at the price of that night cream. No, £75 isn’t cheap by any means – but if you might have a special occasion coming up where you want to look your best sometimes you can eek the budget up that little bit…

111skin * products are available from Harrods

I was a guest of 111skin for the facial treatment.


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  1. April 16, 2014 / 9:19 am

    This is pricey but sounds amazing, and I never mind paying if the results are there. Think I’ll be giving the £600 night cream a miss though lol x

    Claire | AgentSmyth

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