Adding a touch of silver

Silver used to be my go-to for all jewellery, never think I would go for gold – thinking it didn’t work with my hair colour (too similar in tone… ) but over the years I have slowly but surely moved towards gold and favour it generally as a tone for accessories or jewlerry. But a couple of things have made me reach back into the silver side of things again – my engagement ring is platinum, so silver coloured as is one of my favourite Michael Kors watches – it’s silver and rose gold, so a nice cross over. I also wanted to get wearing some pieces I’ve had for years and love but maybe haven’t been wearing as much as I should lately – my Links of London Sweetie Charm bracelet and my Tiffany Key necklace. Both of which I adore and are very special to me – but I don’t wear enough.

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A new Links of London necklace addition to the jewellery box spurred me on to go back to the silver side of life – not only in terms of wearing the metal but also for a make-up look. In the Urban Decay Electric Palette * there’s a stunning silver shade that I felt I could work with – a little easier than the lime green in the same selection… so paired with a silvery taupe cream shadow from No 7 and a cool toned peachy pink lip from YSL I tried a bit of silver on the eyes. I also added silvery nails courtesy of my favourite silvery polish by NARS called Space Odyssey *.

I like how the line of silver from the Urban Decay Electric Palette  on the lower inner lash line really makes the eyes look awake and bright – especially when sleep isn’t as consistent as usual thanks to Monty… I also absolutely adore the YSL Kiss & Blush – this is the shade 8 ‘Pink Hedoniste’ * – it is a pink, but with the slightest of peachyness too it and it’s ideal for this time of year. The finish is gorgeous – it feels super silky and not drying, but looks on the matte side. So all the benefits of a matte lip, without the drying effects – big tick from me. Check out my other post on the YSL Kiss & Blush to see a bit more.

As for the Links of London necklace, I like this for days when I maybe don’t want to wear a delicate little neck chain, but also don’t want a chunky statement necklace – which are my usual two go-to necklace options. I like the longer pendant style, not one I’ve worn for a while and love the quirky shape of the jewel on the end – it looks a bit like two cut out pumpkins on top of each other?! Maybe just me… Either way, it’s an unusual piece that’s made me mix up my usual routine of what necklace etc to wear – always refreshing to break out of your comfort zone!

It’s also make me consider doing the ultimate in fashion faux-pas (traditionally speaking) and mixing metals and going with a bit of gold and a bit of silver at the same time. Am  I the only one that’s still not sure about mixing these up and tend to go with one or the other…?

Links of London necklace * available from



  1. Meg Kernaghan
    April 27, 2014 / 2:03 pm

    This necklace is so gorgeous! Delicate and stylish, I love it 🙂 x

  2. April 28, 2014 / 9:34 pm

    I wear a lot of silver colored jewelry pieces even if I was to buy a gold necklace I would chose white gold over yellow gold. I like the necklace it looks very unique and seems versatile for a lot of outfits.

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