Bed Head Queen for a Day Thickening Spray

This is a product I’ve had sitting in my hair product basket for ages, I loved the sound of it – Queen for a day? Yes Please! Or more importantly…thickening for my hair. YES PLEASE! But, when I first used Bed Head Queen for a Day, it just didn’t work for me – I tried to use it a few times and just found my hair felt a bit crusty and gross. BUT all was not lost, thanks to my hoarding tendencies I held on to it – and then a couple of weeks ago I was on a shoot with Celeb hair stylist Chris Appleton (he does Rita Ora’s hair…oooh) and he shone a new light on this product for me and now it’s love again.

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I have to say, I love it when this happens – you try a product and think it’s a bit of a fail for you, but then you just learn a trick on how to make it work better and voila – you have a new tool up your sleeve and a non-wasted product. Basically the trick Chris used was to apply this to the roots of dry hair, and not just a small amount – enough that the hair looks a bit wet (at the roots, not through the lengths) then blast hair with your head upside down until it is totally dry. TOTALLY dry being the key – not just until it’s 80% or 90%, totally and utterly dry. Then tip head back upside down and brush through and you will be left with big, bouncy, volumised hair. It will feel a little like it does with dry shampoo in it – but the benefit being that as it drops you can ruffle your fingers in it again to give it a bit of a ‘zoosh’ back up again. This little tip has given this product a whole new lease of life in my haircare routine – on day two post-wash this is my new trick if my hair isn’t quite in need of a wash, but needs  a volume boost. It’s also amazing for a fairly quick and easy way to get bigger hair for night – maybe you don’t have time for a full wash/blow-dry – then this is your best friend.

As above, the end result doesn’t leave you with fresh and clean feeling hair – but your hair will be big and doesn’t feel crispy or dirty. Just like it has some product in it – which is does, so fair enough. A new second day hair favourite is born! Thank you Chris for the little tip on how to use – very handy!

Bed Head Queen for a Day is avaiable from Look Fantastic (£13.95) – get 10% off until April 15th with the code TENAPR


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  1. April 11, 2014 / 9:09 pm

    I’ll definitely be trying this, anything to add a bit of volume to my super flat hair! Great post x

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