Honeymoon beauty prep… part 1

I’ve been thinking about the whole ‘beauty’ side of getting prepared for the wedding and decided that there are essentially two sides to getting married and the beauty palava that goes into it – one is the wedding day, and wanting to look your best. At the end of the day, this very much comes down to the hair and make-up on the day, and a few upper arm toning sessions and maybe the odd run in the build up. Then there’s the other side of the wedding prep – the honeymoon beauty prep. This my friends is a WHOLE another kettle of fish – this is where I really want to dial up the old gym sessions (I’m back at Barry’s Bootcamp again – it’s tough, but it works) and dial down the vast quantity of my diet that is pasta… along with that I have a list as long as my arm of beauty bits and bobs I want to get sorted – laser hair removal, teeth whitening, glycolic peel facials to get my skin looking as smooth and perfected as possible (this is part for the actual day, part an ongoing thing… The list goes on, and of course for the wedding and subsequent honeymoon I also want to look a bit tanned and glowy.

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Which is where the Imedeen Tan Optimiser supplements come in. I’ve long been a fan of supplementing your skincare routine with some specially targetted supplements to give hair/skin/nails a boost and I am in fact currently taking one of the other Imedeen supplements (Derma One) – which I am finally in a decent routine of taking daily!

But to switch things up for summer I was asked if I wanted to give the Tan Optimising variant a go. These tablets promise to ‘help prepare your skin for the sun’ – note, they DO NOT replace SPF and there is no way I’d skip that even if they did make that as a promise. It’s just too risky – especially as someone who is pale and can burn very easily if not careful. What they do promise/claim to do however is help prepare your skin with Vitamin C and Vitamin E to help your skin fight off the oxidative stress that sun exposure can cause. Essentially, boosting your skin with vitamins to help your body naturally fight the bad side of the sun exposure.

The plan is to take these for the whole Summer – starting now (a month before sun exposure is recommended) then I will update in late June after I have a long weekend soaking up the Barcelona sun for one of my best friend’s hen do’s. Then again post-honeymoon – which is currently looking like it might be Dubai.. but destination is TBC.

As always I will be totally honest with what I find as I’m taking them and if/what difference I see for both a long weekend in the Sun and a longer time from the honeymoon. Apparently some people who have taken it have felt that they tan deeper and quicker – which on me would be more likely to manifest as more freckles popping up. On that front I’ll be keeping a particularly close eye on my face (across my nose and cheeks) and on my shoulders – where I am most prone to freckles.

As I said at the start -it’s important to also use SPF, so I will be doing this as I would regularly (i.e. using SPF skincare in the UK, then usually Factor 30 on my body and 50 on my face when abroad).

Let me know if you have tried Imedeen Tan Optimiser and how you found it – would love to compare results with anyone else who has given it a whirl!

Imedeen is available from Look Fantastic

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