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I’ve not really been one to play with hair extensions in the past – despite always wishing for longer/thicker hair than I have. So it seems a bit silly I haven’t taken the plunge and gone to the false-side and played with a few longer/thicker/better options before. I guess I have a little, but never to the point of leaving the house or wearing them in day to day life – until now that is. Even better than just the longer hair approach – there’s also a whole selection of styles that you can use extensions and hair pieces to create – a few of which I can show you in this post. With a little breakdown of what they are and what they might be perfect for look-wise.

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The Sleek Hair Couture Half-Wig. 

Yes, you read that right – this is the half wig. I never honestly thought a wig would be something I was a fan of – as they really do still have a bit of a reputation perhaps as not something you opt to wear as a beauty accessory. Perhaps more as an essential or part of a costume. But this half wig from Sleek was probably one of my favourite looks – to wear, you need to tie up the back half of your hair -leaving the front bits and basically a ring around your hairline so the centre is held back and tied away as this is where will be covered. Then the half wig is secured using a combination of comb bits that are part of the wig make-up and a drawstring that helps tighten to make it feel really secure. A clever trick that Warren Holden showed me when we were playing with these different colours was to use a bit of one of those volumising/texturising powders to and a touch of back coming where the clip/comb will be going to give your hair a bit extra grip – very handy for someone with fine/soft hair like me.

Best For: Adding volume & body



The Sleek Hair Couture Clip-In Fringe.

To fringe or not to fringe, that is the question – roughly every year or so (around a month or so after I have grown out my last ‘to fringe’ decision) I get the urge to get a fringe. I love the look of a fringe but do tend to get bored of the hassle of fringe styling and maintenance about as soon as the hairdresser puts down their scissors. I also have the major annoyance of fine hair never *quite* looking as good as a thick full fringe like this clip in one can create. It feels quite surreal to see myself with such a thick fringe – but I really liked how it make the rest of my hair look thicker too. This is definitely a good option if you aren’t quite sure you want a fringe or not – give this a whirl. Or, if your hair doesn’t quite let you get the thicker fringe (to get one this thick I’d need to be taking hair from so far back I’d end up with nothing around the front as it would all be going towards the fringe instead)

Best for: A fringe trial run, an instantly different look, or fooling your fiance that you had a radical hair cut weeks before your wedding.



The Sleek Couture Hair Braid.

The extension-phobe in me gravitated towards this one first – as it looks like such an easy way to get a quirky hair style without needing the hair-skills to go with it. I do live the idea of looks like the hailo braid or just a simple plait or maybe even fishtail…but my skills are just not there. Which is why things like this braid are ideal – I can get the look without needing to call in a professional or tie myself in knots. Ok, so the colour match on this one isn’t 100% but you get the idea. Placed around the head (the plait has an elastic strip along the bottom area) leaving a few bits out at the front and adding a bit of a ‘pouffe’ of volume at the back, pin/clip a couple of the front bits to conceal the elastic and rough it up a bit and you’re good to go with festival ready hair.

Best for: Festivals, or extension-phobes who want a twist on their usual style rather than length/volume.



Sleek Hair Couture Hair Extension Clip in hair pieces.

So when you think extensions these are probably what you think of. A selection of strips of hair, complete with curved clips on the top so you can fix into your hair. That’s exactly what these are – a selection of pieces in varied widths with clips so you can place and fix to the hair in the right places. A mix of ‘twos’ and ‘threes’ (referring to how many clips there are on each piece can be placed all the way from the bottom of your hair close to the hair line meeting the neck, all the way up to the crown. With the bottom, and top going for the two width sizes, and opting for the three clip ones to create a graduated and more natural look.  These are the types that really benefit from the use of the texture/volume powder and a light backcomb to make them grip. But once in, these felt SO secure, definitely no fear of them falling out part way through the day. And whilst they took me a couple of hours of wear to get used to – they do look pretty natural. They weren’t even noticed by my fiance’s brother when I first arrived home wearing them.

Best for: Length AND volume – you can have these cut in to suit the style you want to make the length closer to what you have. Or you can wear them full length and style as you want. Perfect for a one-night hair look for a big night out or special event (although can obviously be taken out are re-used as needed).

IMG_4804 IMG_4809

Final thoughts:

This introduction to the fun you can have with hair extensions has been great. Definitely learnt a lot about how to apply, how to get the best look for what you want and how many more options there are than just adding mermaid length hair! The options are basically endless. Plus, as I mentioned for the clip in pieces – you can always take your hair piece/extensions to a salon and work with your hairdresser to customise/adapt them for your style. So maybe you want some added volume – take the clip in lengths to your salon and get them take up to suit your hair length. Or maybe the clip in fringe is a tad too heavy for you – they can tweak it so it’s a bit thinner.

My favourites? It’s a tough call as the looks are so different so hard to compare – I love how secure the clip in lengths feel and happily would wear these all day for a special occasion. I love how dramatically different the fringe look is and how easy the hair braid is.

Sleek Hair Couture Hair Extensions are available online at Hair By Sleek

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