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Elegant Touch have a whole host of new stuff going on at the moment, so here’s a little round up for those of you who love a bit of false-nail action. Personally, I am partial to having a set or two stashed at home in case of emergencies where you need to do your nails but just don’t have time for the whole drying process. My personal favourite styles being short tips, ideally with flexible feeling nails and pre-glued so nice and easy to apply. new from elegant touchIMG_5402

Elegant Touch Lily Loves Collection

First up is the new Lily Allen collection – now I’m a bit on the fence about Lily. I wouldn’t call myself a fan, but like some of her music and her style. Doesn’t make me a prime candidate to run out and buy something that she has her name on it thiugh. But having said that I like the two designs shown here – the London skyline appeal due to my love of London and the blue and gold design is gorgeous. I’m just not someone who can pull off the long sleek nails TBH. If they did these in a short length I’d be all over them.



Elegant Touch Accent Nails

Then there’s the accent nails in grey – again, love the colour and wearing grey nail varnish as I type. One of the things I love about false nails is how they’re the easiest way to get the whole ‘nail art’ look, without the need for a steady hand and oodles of patience… neither of which I have. These are nice and thin to wear, but a little longer than I like them so ones I’d trim/file down – but that’s personal preference. Of course the design ones aren’t really possible to trim easily so might not be an option for those.


Elegant Touch Polished

Then we have the Polished ones in the shade ‘Blue Affair’ a matte finish shade and in short length – YAY! I do love shorter length nails. I also love blue nails. These are the sort of style to go for if like me they’re the ‘last moment’ option when you need nails done but no time. Simple and classic, maybe quirky colours but no nail art. This is probably my favourite Elegant Touch range. These have tabs, but not pre-glued so less fuss than applying nail glue but more fuss than the express ones.


Elegant Touch Express

Next up are the proper ‘Express’ option – these have the pre-glued bits on the back so all you need to do is peel, press on and go. In terms of application, these are my preferred sort  as they’re just so easy and quick. With the exception of when the tab can be a bit fussy to take off and you bend the nail and need to use another (this happened with these for me). But these design wise are really striking and fun – super bright florals. Again, these were too long for me so I trimmed with nail clippers and filed them off so they’re smooth. But quick and easy to apply and definitely in your face designs.


Elegant Touch House of Holland Collection

Now speaking of in your face designs, you can’t get much more in your face than the House of Holland collection. This is just one of the latest designs and features a whole load of pop art inspired patterns/images. These are the longer style nails, which aren’t really for me personally. But if you’re a bit more adventurous with your nails then you need to check the collection out there. It’s wacky and wonderful.



All Elegant Touch false nail styles * are available via Boots and Look Fantastic with prices starting from around £4


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  1. October 10, 2014 / 8:22 pm

    I love the look of these, I love falsies at the moment x

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