Baby Foot exfoliant foot peel review

If you don’t like foot talk, then now is the time to look away. Imagine a pedicure that literally got rid of every bit of dead hard or dry skin on your foot. Like, every bit – even those stubborn bit or the ones between the toes. Now imagine this happening with NO effort from yourself – no scrubbing or buffing or anything. Sounds ideal right? Well, now also imagine that your feet shed skin like a snake…. not quite so appealing maybe. But the end results of this Baby Foot exfoliant foot peel – worth it.

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I bought this little baby foot exfoliant foot peel kit from Amazon about a month or so ago.  I previously planned to do this ahead of the wedding, but more experienced foot-peelers (is that a think?) said don’t risk it too close… no-one wants a bride with peeling feet. But post-wedding I tried it and BOY does this product blow my mind in so many ways. Mainly. how on earth does it work – what is in this stuff that makes my skin shed over a week or two period?!

I should probably add here that I have actually spared you the pictures – I did take a before, but in all honesty the during was just too gross to put on the internet. But if you’re a picker/peeler type (you know, can’t leave a raggedy cuticle alone… a spot un-squeezed etc…) then you will be in your own gross version of heaven. Your skin will literally come off in sheets. SHEETS OF SKIN I tell you!

So how does it work – as in the process, not the wizardry that removes your skin – you have these two plastic bootie things that are filled with a gel substance. You put your feet in and secure around the ankles. Leave on for the desired time (I found it more comfortable to put socks on over the top) – try not to move around much at this time. Then take them off, rinse away product and you’re done. THIS is when the magic happens.

At first your feel may feel a little cool and tingly, and maybe a touch tight. Then a couple of hours later – you forget about it and go about your business. Until one day you take off a sock to reveal an AVALANCHE OF FOOT DANDRUFF. Not even kidding – I was freaked out when this happened. I took a sock off and remembered that it was about a week since my peel and low and behold – my skin was literally shedding. Now, you’re not meant to peel it off or help it on it’s way, but I really couldn’t resist. I did have to gently pull away some of the loose skin. It was a little like when you used to put PVA on your skin as a kid then peel it off? But more addictive.

The peeling process lasted maybe 3/4 days in total. So by the week and a half mark I was ready to see the final baby foot results. I was impressed – the bits that really got me was that my heels were softer than I have ever remembered – even post the best pedicures I can remember. Areas like around my toe nails and between my toes were dry-skin free. Overall my feet really did feel amazingly soft. At around the £20 for this one of treatment, it’s maybe not the cheapest – but cheaper than a pedicure and with seriously impressive results. I will 100% be doing this again – I plan to do it maybe twice a year. Spring and Autumn time so I’m sandal ready and then post-sandal fix-em-up.

I think the best thing is that the results really last. I mean, my feet maybe aren’t as perfectly soft as they were immediately after the peeling process was done – but they’re still a lot softer than they would have been. Especially considering that I haven’t really ‘done’ anything to my feet since trying this. I guess it comes down to it being a deeper exfoliation than otherwise possible.

Obviously the usual cautions should be applied if you have sensitive skin or allergies at all – read the label and be careful before using! But for me, this is the lazy-girls pedicure dream. Just don’t do it right before a special event…. Enjoy!

Available from Amazon  (£17 at the moment)



  1. Josiee
    December 2, 2014 / 11:46 am

    Cute gift idea for new mummies!

    Josie XOXO
    Fashion Mumblr

  2. May 6, 2016 / 5:32 am

    OH MY GOODNESS, This works really well. At first, I didn’t see anything happening after almost 5 days but lord let me tell you, it was scary to see all that skin coming off. I’d say it peeled for almost 2 weeks and now it’s exactly as it states… I now have baby feel.. Sooo soft, no hard skin nothing, this is GREAT!!

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