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I realised I have a bit of a thing for fragrance right now. Home, body products, perfumes. Everything. I can’t get enough. Especially when it comes to fresh and clean fragrances. If it promises to give the freshly washed laundry feeling or clean skin or fresh cotton. All of these things are total buzz words for me that immediately win me over. My current favourite home scents are Fresh Cotton (candle and essential oil blend) from Sainsbury’s are my favourite for home…but perfume wise. I have a few new and old loves…

IMG_8469Philosophy Pure Grace – Smells so clean and fresh. Like pure soap and water. Philosophy fragrances are generally just gorgeous in general – this one is one of my favourites for a classic ‘fresh, clean’ Saturday scent.

The Library of Fragrance Fresh Laundry* – A subtle, powdery fragrance with a bit of warmth to it. Like warm clean laundry right out of the drier.

The Library of Fragrance Pure Soap* – Pure clean white soap in a bottle. Slightly subtler version than Pure Grace.

Clean Shower Fresh – I fell for the Clean fragrance collection when I first smelt them on a trip to Sephora. I picked Shower Fresh first time around and have added to the collection each visit since. With the latest being a quad of mini roller ball fragrances. Including one not shown (Clean Skin – a purple bottle)… I’m determined to collect them all!


The Library of Fragrance Clean Skin* – This one smells like a blend between baby powder and pure soap I think. Ever so slightly more powdery than clean soap, maybe ever so slightly more feminine.

Clean Rain – This one reminds me of a blend of two The Library of Fragrance scents. Grass and Rain. It’s got a smell that makes me think green…if that makes sense. When I smell it I think exactly of that rain on fresh cut grass sort of scent.

Clean Warm Cotton – I LOVE this fragrance. I can’t explain how much I love this but it’s like the smell you get from a laundrette. Clean and warm.

I can’t get enough of these clean fragrances. What are your thoughts on clean scents – love that ‘so fresh, so clean’ scent… or perhaps you like to add something a little extra with perfume!? I like using fragrance to continue that fresh clothes and fresh out of the shower feeling.

*PR sample or gift.



  1. May 8, 2015 / 5:37 pm

    I have always felt Chloe to be a very fresh and clean scent. I love spraying it right after the shower on a hot summers day. Also, currently loving the singular Demeter scents. They are great for layering!

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