Elegant Touch Copacabana Nails

I’m often on the fence about press on nails or fake nails or glue on…whatever you call them. I dabbled in acrylic nails a few years ago and loved them whilst I had them. But I hated how unhealthy they were when I took them off so wouldn’t go back. Having said that, at times when I’m short on time I am partial for stick on nails as a quick solution where there’s no risk of smudging related disasters. Perfect timing for these Elegant Touch Copacabana nails that I stashed away in my suitcase on my recent holiday.


They couldn’t have been more perfect for a holiday filled with bright cocktails topped with the very pineapples that are printed across my digits with these nails on. Sure, the style is a little longer than I usually wear my own nails but I actually found I really liked the longer oval style. There’s a good range of sizes too to make sure you fit the width of your nail bed. Plus the nails weren’t as thick as I remember most stick on nails being. The only downside is that they are glue on – so a tiny bit fiddly but not exactly the most intense beauty chore. I just tend to like the peel-off stickers as they’re that little bit easier and quicker.



But as far as totally tropical nails go…these are pretty perfect! Plus when I wanted to take them off that was super easy too. No damage or anything to nails – just easy peel off. Shape wise and the fact they’re so lightweight can definitely make me change my mind about using nails like this on a more regular basis, even though I do only tend to wear stick ons for a short time (a day and a night usually – not the full week they promise to stay put for).


Are you a fan of stick on nails?? When it comes to prints I think they’re quite fun – and ideally for lazy people like me is just not within my artistic ability to paint little pineapples on my own nails.

Elegant Touch Copacabana Nails available from ASOS (£7.99)

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  1. May 22, 2015 / 11:10 am

    super cute! loving all the pineapples everywhere 🙂

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