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So I recently went ‘properly’ blonde again thanks to a visit to the fab Andrew Jose salon. So along with my newly brighter locks I’ve been on a mission to maintain them as one of my biggest bug bears with blonde hair is when it goes brassy or looks dull. So I’ve been testing out and loving a few products that I thought I would bundle together in a bit of a blonde hair care related post. Including shampoo, conditioner, colour corrector and a colour protection toning spray. 

L’Oreal Professional Expert Series Vitamino Color Fresh Feel Masque * (available in a trio kit from look Fantastic – £33.30)

Ok, possibly the worlds longest name for what is essentially a deep conditioner. But whatever it’s called, I absolutely love this. One of the best hair care products I’ve tried. It protects hair, offers a bodifying effect and has a minty fresh feeling so feels really lovely and light to use. My hair definitely doesn’t feel weighed down on using this as it would with most other deep conditioners. I’ve loved this one so much I’ve been using it a few times a week rather than weekly as a masque. It’s just too good for a once a week treatment! My favourite thing is how cooling and minty (not in your face mint, more just like a cool breath of fresh air) it feels to use as I think this is why my typically difficult scalp loves this.




Bead Head Tigi Dumb Blonde Purple Toning Shampoo * (Look Fantastic £19.95)

Yes, this shampoo is a rich purple shade. Apparently the purple tones are perfect for countering brassy tones in blonde hair. For me? I just think it’s fun to use a bright purple shampoo… Ok, only half kidding… I like the Bead Head Tigi Range in general because it smells good enough to eat. Plus it looks cool in the shower. Oh, and it does a good job too! I’ve been using this shampoo for well over a month and barely made a dent in the 400ml bottle so can see this lasting for ages. Which is always good news. Generally a good all rounder shampoo for blonde hair.

Bead Head Tigi Dumb Blonde Toning Protection Spray * (asos £15)

I’ll admit I never thought of using something like a purple coloured toning protection spray on my hair. But when I got my hair blonder again it dawned on me I was about to go on holiday and the sun/chlorine etc might wreak havoc on my newly blonde tresses. So I took this away with me and gave it a spritz after washing and think I came back with it in pretty good nick. It’s light enough it doesn’t weigh hair down at all either. I don’t use this one daily, but if I’m doing something out-doors then I will or maybe just once a week for a refresh..


L’Oreal Professional Serie Expert Color Corrector Blondes * (look fantastic £12.49)

Along with the purple shampoo I’ve also been loving this Color Corrector (colour corrector…) as it’s bright blue. Yes, bright blue. It doesn’t even lather to make the colour go subtle either – your head will look bright blue whilst it’s on. Which does make it fun… and a little messy in the bathroom. But as a once a week treatment this is great as it counters the yellow tones that make it go brassy. So if you want to keep your blonde cooler toned then this is one you need in your life. This is one you apply to hair after shampooing (towel dry too, ideally) then leave on for 5-10 mins then rinse out thoroughly…unless you like a blue tinge to your hair!?

For me these four products have been really kicking ass for keeping my blonde hair looking as fresh and fab as it did on the day I emerged from the salon. But if you have any other blonde hair care suggestions do let me know! I always had a feeling being blonde was more fun… so knew I wouldn’t take long to head back to the lighter side of life…!

*PR sample or gift



  1. Annabel
    July 22, 2015 / 12:03 am

    As much as I love blonde hair, it defiantly needs more TLC. I must try the L’Oreal range!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  2. Karen
    November 11, 2016 / 2:19 am

    Have you tried the Joico Color balance shampoo? I’ve seen some tutorials and i want to try it because I really didnt got the results i wanted and it seems this product will make my blonde more into ash, as I wanted at first place. My hair stylist actually recommend me to use the l’oreal color corrector but i dont know if i should buy the other one.

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