Quick look beauty {Round up}

I’ve realised over my years blogging that some times there are little products that pop up from time to time that you want to blog about but it can be a bit tricky to work out how to fit them in – a dedicated post might feel a bit much when it’s basically a case of ‘this is ace and smells good’ or something that is just hard to show in photos… and sometimes it just makes sense to do a little round up or a quick look beauty post. So this is introducing one of these. That will likely become a regular feature – having a quick look at a few items (not necessarily all beauty) in rapid review form.

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Patisserie De Bain Sweet As Cherry Pie Hand Cream * ~ smells good enough to eat

I have a weakness for cherry scented anything – so as soon as I saw this I knew it was going to be one I’d like on fragrance alone. What is it about cherry that is just so darn delicious?! It’s sweet and smells good enough to eat, in a little cute design tube that is sized perfectly for hand bags and smells like the best cherry flavour starburst.

Code VLM mascara * ~ First impressions, good. 

For some reason I think of the Virgin London Marathon when I see VLM?! Not that I’ve ever run it, but still… it’s what comes to mind. This was a little mascara that I believe was in a beauty box a while ago, but I had never tried but discovered it as I was sorting through things ready to move house. So I gave it a whirl on a whim and was actually quite impressed. It seemed a little dry however but I put this down to it being around for a while and actually have another Code mascara waiting in the wings to try (hence why this is a mini review). So first impressions are good – now to try a fresh full size and see if it really does impress.


Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water * ~ It’s strange and I like it

When I was first shown this product ages ago I was immediately intrigued. However it’s one that’ been loitering around my blog ‘to try’ pile for far to long and I kept moving it from box to box and never quite getting use out of it. However, again with the move I finally gave it a whirl and agin, first impressions are good. I can see how in warmer months this would be a total winner too. It’s really refreshing to use and I sort of think of it as like the micellar water of the primer world. It looks like water, acts like water… but does more than just water. Who knows how it works – in all honesty it’s a bit strange, but I like it! It’s a good setting spray as much as it is make-up primer. Plus it’s easy to use and feels lighter than a typical primer. A good choice if you like your base light.

MUA Pout Prime * ~ Simple but effective

I’ll be totally honest and there’s something about MUA that just doesn’t win me over. I can’t even put my finger on it. Perhaps I’m just not the target audience so it doesn’t grab me.. but this one product did however. This is Pout Prime and it’s basically a primer for the lips. I have eternally dry lips so whatever lipstick I wear I have to apply balm first – which basically ruins any chance of longevity or a matte finish. This is a new addition that feels somewhere between a primer and a balm. It coats the lips with a film that feels like it sort of hydrates and sort of smooths and just creates a nice base for lipstick to apply. Simple, but effective and I like it. Especially for brighter shades or if I’m giving a matte lipstick a whirl.

There we have it – a speed round up or quick look beauty reviews. Any of these catch your eye and want to check out yourself?!

*PR sample or gift.



  1. philippa
    September 4, 2015 / 9:22 pm

    I’ve seen that range of hand creams in store, they all look really cute!
    Philippa – ByPhilippa

  2. Alice
    September 4, 2015 / 10:42 pm

    I like the idea of a lip primer! xx

  3. nueyork
    September 5, 2015 / 8:50 am

    The primer water sounds lovely, but when I first heard about it I was definitely skeptical. It did seem like it would do nothing at all, but it’s great to hear that it works. x


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