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When I first saw the video from The Sanctuary I was hooked from the first opening line of ‘If I was a young woman now, I’m not sure how I would cope’. It really is something that crosses my mind regularly, the sheer amount of pressure there is out there to be perfect. Even in social media – a world which all started as that refreshing anti-dote to the smokescreen/airbrushed world of TV and magazines – the life and look you have to portray day in, day out.

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The pressure of being successful and perfect – it’s a lot to take on. As The Sanctuary’s research showed – 59% of women compare themselves to others at least once a day. It’s a bad habit but one I know I would admit to. On a good day I can brush off the comparison, on a bad day not so much and it leaves me feeling inadequate and down on myself. If I was a friend doing this I’d tell them no good can come of it so stop! In fact, I can think so often of the times I said to a friend who is feeling under pressure in a part of parts of their lives to give themselves a break, take it easy, don’t put too much pressure on themselves. But if only we could all each give ourselves the same advice and really listen to it.

In all honesty, over the last year I’ve been learning a bit more about myself and what I do and don’t consider important. And I mean really important  – and you know what, that’s not always instagramming my burger or applying a full face of make-up and documenting my every move. It’s spending time with friends and family. It’s walking the dog and leaving my phone at home. It’s taking myself off for an hour of pampering in the bath.

Whatever that little thing you can do to just be a little less stressed, take a little bit of pressure off or just be a little kinder to yourself. Do it. Don’t let yourself burn out on the quest for perfection! Watch the video and let me know what you think. I found it really struck a chord – it was like the women in the film were speaking directly to me. I’d love to know if you felt the same, or if I’m just being all reflective and sappy…!

A little food for thought ~ maybe we should all #LetGo of the pressure to be perfect and as The Sanctuary says, find our own sanctuary in life.

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