Bye bye 2015

Right now, I am absolutely buzzing full of ideas and plans and I almost don’t know where to put the energy first. I’ve spent the past couple of days tinkering on an exciting project and planning things for 2016. But as much as planning is all well and good, I thought I should really take a moment to do some do-ing in amongst all the planning malarkey. Starting with a blog post and one of those reflective look back at the year behind us posts.

bye 2015

I’ve been thinking about 2015 and how to sum it all up and it’s not an easy one to do. Overall I’d 100% say it’s been a good year for me personally, but that’s not to say it hasn’t had it’s challenges and not so great moments. The biggest thing this year is moving house and whilst it was a choice I never thought I would make (if you asked me this time last year if I would move house I would probably have laughed at you) it was 100% the right one and both Ollie and I are both so happy and settled in our new home. Which is very much a home already.

Sadly, along with the high of moving there have also been some sad moments on the personal side of life. But that is life – it’s not all lipstick and macaroni cheese. Whilst the not so great bits aren’t not the ones you see on instagram, they happen and it sucks. But that is life with all it’s up and downs. The biggest thing I’ve learnt from about this is how important family and friends really are to me.

On the upside, work wise it’s been a great year. I’ve been really busy throughout 2015, working with some amazing clients and brands (doing social media consultancy – which is a business I do alongside running the blog). In fact right now is the first time in over six months where I’ve actually taken a proper break from the freelance side of things. I was even looking after a couple of projects on moving day…which was a challenge but a social media bod has gotta to do what a social media bod has gotta to do! I’m planning to do a slight change of direction on the freelance side in 2016, so will see how that all pans out. But fingers crossed for another productive year with some of the great people I’ve been lucky enough to work with in the past two years of being my own boss. Honestly, how have I been doing this for two years already!?

As for the blog, now that’s a tricky one. I started out the year full of enthusiasm but since probably around June, that’s waned a bit. I just lost my blogging mojo. I tried and tried to get it back, force it, fake it… but nope. I slipped from my daily posting schedule that I’ve kept up for the whole six years I’ve been blogging to sometimes going a week with just a single or couple of posts. And I didn’t even feel that guilty. The one thing I have learnt from this, is that (for me, at least) blogging isn’t something I can force or fake and feel ok with it. I guess it’s a bit of a luxury to think this. When you turn a passion/hobby into a job – the two don’t always match up and sometimes you have to do your job because it’s your job and sometimes the passion vanishes when something becomes a chore. I could waffle on about this for ages but I’ll hold off for now, no doubt will be a post in the making for 2016. But safe to say even with these challenges, I am far from ‘over’ blogging and feel like I’ll be getting back to my best with some of the plans and projects I have on the horizon. Sometimes you just need to look at the same thing from a different direction and it looks and shiny and new again.

Lastly and not to get all soppy and stuff. But a huge thank you. To every singe person who clicks on the blog, takes time to read, comment or tweet me, follow me on instagram and all that. It really does mean a lot – there’s an endless amount of ‘stuff’ on the old internet these days and I really do whole-heartedly appreciate anyone who takes the time to engage with my particular lot of ‘stuff’ I put out there. So thank you.

So 2016. I am feel pretty good about you. Let’s see what you have in store!



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  1. January 1, 2016 / 4:56 pm

    I liked this post I am a first time reader and it couldn’t be more apt, happy new year and I hope you get your blogging mojo back:-)

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