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When I first started this Lacto Free blog project the first thing that came to my mind was cheese. Ok, most days the first thing to come to my mind is cheese… but in this particular instance it was more than a daily craving. Cheese is one of my all time favourite foods (to the point where we have arranged a five-tier cheese cake for our wedding… alongside a normal cake of course). But for this final post, it’s ALL about cheese (WOO).

lacto free cheese IMG_1731

Ok, so these lunch pictures may not be the most ‘pinterest worthy’ you have ever seen. BUT they are an honest representation of one of my favourite types of lunch ever – a picky picnic. Where you have a bit of yummy bread, some meats, some dip, and of course – some cheese. So since the weather hasn’t really leant itself to picnic activities, we had a little indoor picnic and used two types of lacto free cheese to make a meal of it.

As you can see, both in a very simplistic way – but to be totally honest. Simple is usually the way to go with cheese. It’s just too good to mess with. Having sliced cheddar to nibble on and using the cream-cheese as a spread for the crusty bread. Simple perfection. Happy to report that neither cheese has any indication that it it any different to a regular cheese either.

Of course there are many other ways you could use these cheese – you could use the cream cheese as an alternative for a creamy pasta sauce. You could slice the cheddar and melt over perfectly cooked burgers on a BBQ (if the weather could sort itself out then that would be perfect). Or you could get really creative… OR if you think like me, then the cheddar is just simply ideal for classics like topping beans on toast, or grating into a hot crispy roast potato.

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For even more inspiration (maybe for ideas more creative than beans on toast…) then head over to the Lactofree #SayYesToSummer recipe page

I’m now really craving a jacket potato with lots of Lacto Free Cheese.

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  1. August 28, 2014 / 11:46 am

    I have been living lactose free for six years now and think it is only in the beginning you miss things, as I don’t even crave milk chocolate anymore.
    I just wish that there would be more awareness of it, so that more lactofree/dairyfree products would be developed.

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