Wrinkle MD Eye – Getting high-tech for eye anti-ageing

When it comes to reducing lines around the eyes, I will pretty much give anything a go. It’s my biggest bug bear – so something I am constantly on a quest to find a solution for. One I recently took for a test drive is the Wrinkle MD Eye kit – a combination of gadget and skincare product to use in combination to really inject a burst of moisture into the eye area and thus smooth out lines as a result.

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The system basically involved placing pads on the under-eye/top of cheek bone area – where laughter lines can be most prominent. Then these are connected up to wires that essentially look like a pair of Apple headphones. The gadget is then activated and apparently helps your skin absorb up to 15x more moisture than the leading serum using ion technology to encourage deeper absorption of the product in combination with the snazzy gadget. Some pretty big claims – the brand website has clinical results for you to take a look at (before and after pictures from 40mins use, and 4 weeks use).

Dehydrating around my eyes being the biggest issue for me that causes lines means that anything promising to plump my skin with lots of lovely Hyularonic acid immediately catches my attention. So I gave this a whirl…

My first impression is that it was a little bit fiddly. Despite fully cleaning skin ahead of applying the pads (as per instructions) they still didn’t really fully stick – so had to spend some of the time holding them down for full contact. On second use this wasn’t as much of an issue. Then, it’s really simple – just lay back and relax (or sit and have a girly DVD sesh…which is what I did). The pads don’t really feel like anything, maybe the faintest feeling of a tingle – but that’s it. The main thing I noticed was on removing the pads when the time is up – the gadget times it all for you automatically – the skin where the pads had been was pink and a bit warm. They did look and feel immediately smoother after use – no denying that.

Following the treatment, there’s the Wrinkle MD Youth Serum that feels lovely but personally, I’m not keen on the smell. I kept up use of that after treatment for a few days but after a while switched back to another serum as I just wasn’t a fan of the smell. It was hard to describe, I can’t put my finger on what it was I didn’t like – and it’s such a subjective thing, I’m sure most people wouldn’t have an issue with it at all.

Overall – I think this kit is an investment piece. You have to be commited to really regular use of all elements to make sure it’s as effective as possible. I would suggest it might be of better benefit to slightly older people than myself. As whilst the Clinical Study pics look great – for me, the difference was fairly subtle. The results from the serum itself were probably the biggest ‘wow’ for me, it was just a shame that the scent wasn’t to my personal liking!

But if you’re looking to invest in something intense, but perhaps not go as far as injectables – then take a closer look at the Wrinkle MD Eye Hyularonic Infusion System.

Wrinkle MD Eye Hyularonic Infusion System * is available from Beauty Bay (£170)



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  1. Josie
    August 26, 2014 / 2:21 pm

    WOAH this looks crazy!!! But if it works then who cares!!

    Josie XOXO
    Fashion Mumblr

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