A smile is for life, not just for national smile month….

National Smile Month is coming to a close on the 16th of June and I think it is the perfect time to remember that looking after your teeth is something that should be done year-round, to make sure your smile is as ‘Hollywood’ perfect as can be.

Oral-health is one of those things that is very easy to ignore, until there is something wrong and that’s why National Smile Month is so important, raising the awareness of how vital it is to look after your teeth and gums, especially since there is a proven direct link between oral health and other parts of the body, with gum disease in particular being linked to serious health issues including diabetes, heart disease, infertility, strokes and premature births.

As looking after your teeth is so important I thought it would be good to look at ways to care for your teeth, whatever your budget.


If you want to look after your teeth and get a ‘Hollywood’ smile on a budget there is a huge range of options available to you (you only need to visit the toothpaste isle of a supermarket to see what I mean). Make sure that when you are looking for a tooth-paste that it contains fluoride.

If you want to get a whiter smile on a budget then go for Colgate Plax Whitening (£2.10 for 250ml) with a mint-fresh taste and whitening ingredients, this paste also contains ingredients to tackle plaque and bacteria so you get the best of both worlds- a blindingly white, and a healthy smile.

Make sure, that even if you are on a tight budget make sure you visit an NHS dentist every six months, with a check-up costing around £15 it’s certainly worth the cost, if it prevents having to fork out for a full set of dentures.


If you have a bit more money to spend and want a bit more of a pampering treat for your teeth that is far more fun that the usual trip to the dentist. Newly opened in Covent Garden is Smilepod, like a nail-bar, but for teeth the Smilepod offers a range of treatments including teeth-whitening, diamond polish and even tooth-jewellery. Prices range from £35-£495 depending which treatment you want to go for.

I sent one of my beautyjunkielondon little helpers to go along and test out the diamond polish treatment, and report back. Following the treatment my helper said his teeth felt really nice, smooth and like they had been really deeply clean, best of all the treatment is nothing like the normal dentist visit:

“The staff are all really friendly and the treatment progressed at my pace- if I wanted to stop for a drink, or just have a moment to pause then that was all fine. I was really happy with the result and would certainly pop back for a treatment, visiting the dentist is not my favorite thing to do so it’s worth going somewhere nice to make something that’s normally a chore more pleasant.”

One of the treatments to note at Smilepod is the ‘Smokers Makeover’, priced at £125 the treatment isn’t cheap but it’s far cheaper than smoking! Plus, if you have managed to kick the habit then you deserve to treat yourself and erase any last signs of being a smoker.

For more information about smilepod go to http://www.smilepod.co.uk/


Covent Garden seems to be the place to go for a new and refreshing outlook to oral health. Another new addition to the neighbourhood is the Covent Garden Dental Spa, which I was lucky enough to try out.

The Dental Spa is a totally different dental experience from the moment you walk through the door, you feel like you are in a posh salon, not a dentist’s waiting room. On arrival I was offered a drink and taken to the relaxation room. After 15mins in the most amazing massage chair I have ever experienced I was ushered into the dentist’s chair and greeted by the lovely Dr Flora Chigwedere, who talked me through the treatment process.

After being lowered back into the chair I had that slightly nervous feeling that I get when I visit the dentist, but Dr Chigwedere made me feel totally at ease whilst she gave my teeth and gums a really thorough examination, all of which I could watch on the screen over my head. A very bizarre but fascinating experience watching a camera go around the inside of your mouth….

The treatment was really thorough and far more luxurious than the normal dentists. With prices starting at £50 for an initial consultation, it is admittedly more expensive than the standard dentist. If you find the dentist a scary experience then the soothing environment and massage chair are a decent investment.

The Covent Garden Dental Spa also offers a membership programme that is a way to ensure that your tooth care programme is taken care of over the year with monthly payments of £18, which includes two dental examinations per year plus two hygiene visits a year and any necessary routine bite wing x-rays. Membership of the Dental Spa also entitles you to 10% off any of the other treatments.

As part of my treatment I will be trying out the take-home whitening treatment and will get blogging about the results but in the meantime, for more information go to http://www.coventgardendentalspa.co.uk/

For more information about National Smile Month go to http://www.nationalsmileweek.org/

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