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Autumn/Winter is a time when some beauty routines can often fall by the wayside… with foot care most likely being one of the first to go. Then suddenly party season arrives and there are a whole manner of sparkly shoes to be worn – never mind the traipsing of pavements when Christmas shopping and dancing until the early hours. Basically, this time of year your feet really could do with a little more TLC than usual  in the colder months so they’re both party shoe ready AND so they feel generally a little more loved. A little guide to party feet pampering for the pre-party, party and post-party feet…

Party Feet Pampering

Pre Party Feet Pampering 

To get feet into tip-top shape there are a whole host of products to get them buffed, scrubbed, hydrated and polished so that they look fabulous in even the strappiest and sparkliest of shoes. My top steps for getting feed ready for being on show:

  1. Buff off the hard bits – A tool like the Scholl Velvet Smooth is an absolute saviour. I’ve been a big fan of this gadget for ages – it really is the easiest and quickest way to get rid of any harder bits of skin and generally speeds up the whole at-home pedicure process. For Christmas they have combined the Scholl Velvet Smooth with two classic shades from Revlon (who do awesome nail polish FYI) which makes a lovely little prezzie for someone who maybe would love a little bit of TLC… or just a nice self-gift….!
  2. Polish to remove & smooth dry skin – After getting rid of any seriously dry or hard bits of skin (SEXY) it’s time to give them an all over polish with a scrub like the Bare Foot Peppermint & Plum Foot Scrub. This stuff smells almost good enough to eat. SO good. The peppermint is really cooling and refreshing too – one to reach for if you have had a particularly intense Christmas shopping session too.
  3. Moisturise and sooth – After getting rid of all the dry skin use a soothing balm to hydrate the feet all over. Help to keep your skin soft for as long as possible by reapplying before bed & popping some socks over the top. The Superdrug Soothing Foot Lotion is perfect for this – a simple but fantastic lotion. Contains Shea Butter and Vitamin E to give feet an instant boost of moisture.
  4. Polish those toes – A bright pink or coral like the shades in the Scholl Velvet Smooth Smooth & Glam Gift Set are always fab year round. Or you could go all festive and add some gold or glitter. Whatever colour works for you – give those toes a little polish to add the cherry on top of your perfect at home pedicure. Top off with some cuticle oil when polish is dry.

Party Feet Pampering

Four simple steps to get your feet from being hidden away in cosy socks to ready to be on show! Then, to make sure they’re not only looking fab, but also feeling good when being put through hours of stiletto-wearing and festive-dancing there are a few little essentials to make party feet comfortable all night long.

Party Feet Dancefloor Essentials

Even the most beautiful of shoes can cause some seriously sore feet after hours of dancing. There are a few little tricks and products you can use to avoid as many dancing feet related aches and pains as possible.

Dancing Feet – Planning to throw some shapes on the dancefloor? Then pop some Superdrug Ball-Of-Foot Cushions into your shoes before you step foot out the door. These gel pads are like little cushions under the ball of your foot and will really ease that high-heel related ache.

Slipping Shoes – If you have a pair of shoes that tend to slip a little on the heel then add in a little Superdrug Heel Shield to keep your shoes firmly in place. Which can help avoid rubbing-related blisters… which leads nicely on to:

Blister Plasters – An absolute essential. Especially if you’re thinking of wearing new shoes for a night out. Seriously. You will thank me for it. There’s nothing like a blister to dampen those dance moves. These Superdrug blister plasters come in a little plastic case so can squeeze in even the smallest clutch bag.

Party Feet Pampering

Post Party

Then, after you’re done with all the dancing (or Christmas shopping…) put your feet up, give them a bit of a rub with the Bare Foot Lemon and Sage Foot Balm. Like a fresh, cooling breath of fresh air for tired feet. Plus will help keep those freshly smoothed feet looking and feeling hydrated for as long as possible.

party feet


Superdrug_Logo_SmallGet your feet ready to dance their way through the party season. Whether it’s some gel cushions for your new strappy high heels or a lotion to massage dry skin, Superdrug have a range of products help pamper and comfort your feet. Visit us in store or at today.

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