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As much as I love playing with products, new formulas or textures. When it comes to colour, I have to be honest and say I’m treading that fine line between knowing what I like and being stuck in a rut. Taupe? Yes please. Bronze? All over that. Pinky-nude cheeks and bright pink lips? All day, every day. Adventurous I am not. Consistent… sure. So when No7 approached me asking about both mine and my BFF’s colour/shade/texture preferences I was intrigued….

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But it would be all to easy to just cater to my existing preferences – what about going against them? So switching out bronze eyes for a cooler toned smokey black? Pinky nude cheeks for a berry shade and bright lipstick for a nude gloss. But as much as I am a creature of habit when it comes to make-up, I’m not so against trying something new that this idea broke me out in a cold sweat. Ask me again if they were proposing blue lips and lime green eyeshadow however….



So I was sent a surprise selection of shades from No7 – that have been carefully selected when reading all about my daily preferences and basically selecting the polar opposites. The same applied for my friend Kate – who as much as I would have said we had similar taste in beauty, when down on paper it made me realise we are quite different. I love a bright lip, she tends to lean towards more of a ‘my lips but better’ style. I love a bronze eye, she’s more likely to sport a liner and grey shadow look.


One thing I’d always avoid when it comes to make-up? Blue toned eye shadow. To me it’s always felt a bit dated – sure, I’ve dabbled in a little bright blue eyeliner from time to time. But blue eye shadow has never been on my radar.  Yet, surprisingly – the blue/grey shade in the selection of products sent to me really called out to me. Something about it really won me over. That combined with the fact I’m going through a bit of a ‘smokey eye’ moment meant this was one that I was won over with immediately. In fact, when I looked at all the products – the colour shades selected for me and the sparkly new products from the festive collection I realised they all combined really well to make a day to night look. So I opted to create a day time look and a night time look. To show how the different shades could be adapted to create a little more drama for day or night – depending if you want to go bold lip or dramatic eyes. Or even a bit of both. There are no rules here after all!

For the day time look I went for my usual light/glowy base with a pop of pinky cream blusher on the cheeks as opposed to my usual powder. I then went a little day time smokey on the eyes with the blue/grey crayon/shadow stick in the shade Gunmetal Grey plus some of the Amazing Eyes Pencil in Charcoal Grey. Then, keeping it simple with a nude gloss on the lips.

Then for night I simply used a wipe to take off the shadow so I had bare lids but left some of the liner in place. I dusted over a little of the white shade from the trio palette called ‘Twilight’ to create a bit of a bright eyed look but still with the definition of the days liner. Then I added some glow to the cheeks with the Christmas collection highlighter – the ‘Shimmering Glow’ compact. Topped off with the ultimate solution for a quick day to night look – red lipstick. This is an absolute beaut of a product. The Moisture Drench lipstick in ‘Pillarbox’. A classic bright red and fantastic formula. Could be my favourite of the products I’ve been playing with.


The biggest thing I learnt from having a little switch up of shades I wear is that switching colours doesn’t have to mean rainbow eyelids or the opposite end of the spectrum. You might be (like me) a neutral lover who always goes bronze – switch for pinky tones or grey shades. You can still be neutral, but with your own twist on the shades you normally go for. You could even just shake up textures – switch your usual powder blush for a cream formula for a fresh take on your usual look. Nude lipstick for gloss etc… the options go on.

I think overall, whilst I like the grey/blue smokey eye shade – I do miss the brighter lip so maybe next time I’ll try a blue grey liner, nude lids and a brighter lip colour to contrast. I’m really interested to see how my friend gets on with switching up her colours too – as I know for one she’s the sort of girl who just doesn’t feel right if her make-up isn’t how she wants it – so am already imagining switching things would be quite an adjustment for her!

Let me know what your thoughts on switching shades or mixing things up a bit are!? Do you feel comfortable switching from your usual colours or do you like to stick to what you know – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?! This has definitely taught me to get a little braver and switch things. Even if just a little now and then! You never know what you might discover!

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  1. December 12, 2015 / 1:12 am

    I definitely like to stick with the shades/etc I’m comfortable with, but experimenting with new stuff from time to time is fun too 😉

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