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My general approach to hair is I want it to be as quick and easy as possible to make it look good. Styles that take anything over about 30 minutes absolute max would be 100% out of the question for me and I’m more often found with with it as it naturally goes after drying. I am fortunate in that it generally dries fairly straight but I do have some issues with frizz and it can – as a result of a combination of hair ‘issues’ end up looking a tad flat.


Speaking of issues, that’s the first thing that I look for when it comes to hair styling. I want products that deal with my issues (sensitive scalp, care for coloured hair and suitable for fine hair/adding volume). Which is all very well, apart from when you have this combination – they don’t often get dealt with together so I usually have to choose one or maybe two absolute max to look after at a time. I can either have a scalp that’s cared for, hair with volume OR colour that’s still vibrant… not all three at once.

So when a brand launches a range that’s all about truly customising and adapting your hair care AND styling routine to deal with your key hair concerns then I was definitely listening. If there’s a range that can deal with all three of my main hair ‘issues’ and be both nice to use and leave my hair looking fab then I could very well be on to something.



So this is where the Well System Professional comes in – they have a new range all based around the ENERGYCODE ™ technology – which is a complex in the range that combines ‘active lipids’ that naturally occur in the hair to make it look and feel fab – that has been incorporated into the whole System Professsional range. Which essentially means it approaches hair in the same way as you probably do skincare by adapting for your needs, but still getting the good stuff from the ENERGYCODE ™ complex whatever products you use. There are four families within the range to help each individual hair and scalp (WOO AND SCALP) need: Fibra (to help rebuilt and protect hair), Derma (for sensitive scalps), Forma (for all hair textures) and Extra (high performance using most advanced formulas).

To get to your own unique ENERGYCODE ™ ‘prescription’ you ask a series of questions – either online or with a stylist in salon – to help rank your key concerns and order them by priority. The system then delivers a series of recommendations for all elements of hair – from care to styling.



My personalised ENERGYCODE ™ recommendations:

Balance Shampoo – One of two shampoos in the ‘Derma’ family, this one is for a sensitive scalp.

Repair Conditioner – One of four conditioners options from the ‘Fibra’ family. This one is designed for damaged hair.

Liquid Hair – From the ‘Extra’ family, this stuff is a bit of a wonder product. More on this below…

Luxe Oil Reconstructive Elixir – For the styling stage within the ‘Fibra’ family. Designed for Keratin reconstruction.

Volumize Bodyfying Foam – From the ‘Forma’ range, the foam is designed to add volume and body.

With my personalised salon treatment being ‘Molecular Hair Refilling’.

I would really recommend taking a look at the range of products on the website and seeing how many different combinations there can actually be with so many variants, it’s clear to see how personalised each routine can be when it needs to be adapted to your needs. It’s a bit mind boggling really! Which is why the online questions are so simple and make it really easy for you. Plus you can always go to a Wella System Professional salon and let your hairdresser go through the process with you.


Which is what I did and what this first intro post is all about – around a week ago I had the whole process of answering the questions, tailoring the routine and having the Molecular Hair Refilling treatment and now I’m using the range of products myself at home. I’ll be updating you on those in a couple of weeks to let you know how I’m getting on. But first a little on the treatment.

The treatment in most ways is much like any hair treatment – where it’s added in as part of a wash and blow dry – except with a slight twist. As using the ‘Liquid Hair’ treatment part of the whole process means it needs to be ‘activated’ by heat, before being rinsed out. So you apply, then lightly blow dry (doesn’t have to be properly dry) before then rinsing out for  about 20 seconds. Then you dry and style hair as normal. Except now your hair is super silky and immediately feels in amazing condition.


After the treatment the first things that struck me were how it felt like I’d had a deep cleansing facial equivalent on my scalp – it felt really clean and fresh and non-irritated. Plus my hair felt silky and fuller than normal. Like it had an extra bit of oomph to it.

I’ve now been using the at home range – including doing the Liquid Hair treatment myself – and will be sharing how I’ve been getting on in a couple of weeks. Plus some update photos as the ones above are immediately after having my treatment in the Well Salon. So far though, so good!

To get your own ENERGYCODE prescription visit: System Professional

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