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I’ve gotten into a bit of a new routine when it comes to nails lately – skipping the at-home manicure (and pedicure) in favour of the long lasting gel options. As much as I love trying new polishes and changing colours regularly, I also really like just having perfectly polished hands and feet that are ‘done’ at all times rather than my own at-home versions that tend to only last a few days before chipping or maybe losing that ‘just done’ shine.


So I’ve become one of those girls getting a regular in salon manicure, which is lovely but I want the whole process to be really straightforward to book, get to and know what I’m paying in advance. Or even better, have it pre-paid so don’t even need to dig around in my bag to find cash or card. Not that the risk of smudging is as bad with gels, but the fear is still there. Which is where a service like is SO handy. You can pre-book online and pay ahead of your appointment so you know exactly how much the treatment will cost.


I went to visit Cucumba – a salon in Soho – for a gel manicure/pedicure combo. It was a salon I knew about and had heard of before as it was local to my old workplace. But I had never been. Inside it was airy and bright with lots of colourful splashes. Definitely feeling more playful than clinical. I loved that they had world times on the wall in a series of times… Hong Kong, New York… Essex… as a girl who grew up in Essex this amused me.

The staff were really friendly and welcoming and I really enjoyed the treatment. All in all it took just under two hours so do make sure you book out enough time if going for then hand/feet combo. I think mine took a little longer as involved removing the polish I had on before. The shade selection of gel options to pick from was HUGE. A massive plus point for me as I find it disappointing when you go somewhere and they have nothing but a half hearted selection of pinks and reds or a nude to choose from. I am always won over by a salon with a good range of shade options.


So I went for a white polish on my hands and a rose gold metallic for my feet. Loved both colours. I haven’t had a metallic shade in a while as always seem to opt for a cream finish lately so nice to mix things up a bit. I am always a sucker for a white polish when getting gels too  – I love the bright white nail look and when it’s a gel is just looks better and lasts longer than me trying to paint it myself.

All in all, I left feeling as perfectly polished as I am currently loving. I’d definitely use the site to book for future appointments because it’s so convenient to search by location and the service you want. No awkward phone calls in the office to book your bikini wax or anything like that. Just easy to quickly book online and go – and there’s always discounts and offers too. So perfect if you want to save money on beauty treatments too.

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