Some products I really like but haven’t blogged about yet

In my effort in putting posting over perfection I thought I’d do this post that’s title pretty much explains what it is. No, it’s not an edit or my essentials for fixing some problem. I have plenty of those up my sleeve, but it’s essentially a collection of a few products that I’m using on a regular basis but haven’t featured/mentions on the blog yet and such deserve a shout out. Simple as that really. I guess you could call these monthly favourites, but some have been ‘in play’ for months, others, weeks. All worthy of a mention, so instead I gave them the very long winded and non blog/SEO friendly title, that accurately describes what this post is about.


Sally Hansen Moisture Rehab* – £9.95 Feel Unique

A simple product (well, simple looking and to use – I’m sure not so simple formulation etc) but this little blue gel has been a daily-use one for me since the beginning of the year. It’s a product you use at night, but it’s not greasy/oily like traditional night cuticle/nail treatments. Win (i.e no greasy pillows or cuticle oil making my hair greasy overnight). It’s best used on bare nails, but – and this is why I love it – it works well when used over gel/shellac nails too. This is how I’ve been using it and it’s made a really good difference, one I really notice if I take a night or two off. I’m still on quite the gel routine at the moment so it’s nice to have something easy and effective to keep them feeling healthy and my notoriously dry cuticles hydrated. Great if you want to care for nails whilst you have gels or if you just want to keep cuticles hydrated without using greasy oils.

Estee Lauder New Dimension Smooth + Tone Creme-Glove* – £30 Selfridges

Speaking of notoriously dry, the next ‘product I’ve been loving but haven’t blogged about’ yet is this hand cream/treatment from Estee Lauder. I’m going to make a BIG claim here. This is the best hand cream I have ever tried. Ever. Yes, really. This is a BIG deal, from someone who at the point of typing can see three hand creams on my desk alone. I have long had extremely dry hands and always looking for something that takes away from their dehydrated appearance for longer than a few minutes. This stuff does the trick. It immediately plumps and improves the look of my hands (I always say I have ‘old lady hands’ as my skin has been dry/dehydrated for so long they look older than they are) and this is the only hand cream I’ve used that actually counters that and changes things. My hands feel well moisturised in a way that lasts beyond a hand wash. A small-ish amount goes a long way (think large garden pea) and when this runs out I am going to be genuinely a bit panicked and sad.

Liz Earle Eyebright Soothing Eye Lotion* – £13.25 Feel Unique

Another of my ‘problem areas’ has always been my eyes. This one doesn’t exactly tackle all my issues (i.e. it’s not injection-free Botox…) BUT it’s been an every-morning go-to. It immediately wakes up and refreshes around my eye area and makes me feel altogether a tad more sprightly than I would without it. It also works well to remove any missed eye make-up from the day before that I maybe didn’t perfectly remove before bed. It’s a simple one, just cooling and refreshing with zero sting. Not an essential of course, especially if you’re on a minimalist vibe but for me – it’s been one I’m loving. An oldie but a goodie, as it’s not a new launch or anything – but sometimes long-running products are more exciting than the shiny and new anyway!

Embryolisse Emulsion Hydra-Mat* – £24.50 ASOS

A light feeling mosturiser that does a great job of hydrating skin. Great for combination skin as it really soothes and hydrates, but doesn’t leave a greasy/oily feeling shine or any residue. The texture is almost gel like in how lightweight it feels to apply. If you tried the classic Embryolisse and didn’t find it worked for you as a bit too thick/heavy, then give this a whirl. It’s like the cooler/lighter sister of the cult favourite. A good all-rounder in a world where choices in moisturiser can be a tad overwhelming. This plus an SPF of choice and you’re good.


Vaseline Intensive Care Spray Moisturiser* – £2.89 Superdrug

Simple. Effective. Quick. No strong smell. What’s not to love? Perfect every day post-shower quick spray of moisture that you don’t then have to wait ages to put clothes on etc. Not much more to say, other than it just works well & quickly – so if time is not your friend then this might very well be.

Kerastase Volumifique Spray Volume* – £17.44 The Hut

I realise that hair styling is probably the thing I talk about least on the blog. This is probably because it’s not something I tend to play with as much as I would like. I tend to stick to a routine of every other day hair wash. Generally blow dry, with this product as my volume boost for my fine and lacklustre hair. This works well, adding a bit of ‘oomph’ without it feeling weighed down or heavy at all, or even like it has product in it at all. It just leaves me with naturally better looking hair. I really notice if I don’t use something like this when I dry my hair. I tend to keep products for my hair simple or else even the best/lightest products, when used in combination, tend to weigh everything down very quickly.

Benefit Ready, Set, Brow!* – £20 John Lewis

A clear gel that has a longer bristled comb one side, and shorter on the other. Simply combs and holds brow hairs into place. Ever since I had my brows microbladed (aka BEST THING EVER) this is all I’ve used between a thread/tint session. No need to faffing/filling in. Just tame and hold. Done. Do you sense the theme yet? Easy & effective for the win.

L’Oreal  Falsh Lash Superstar* X Fibre Mascara – £10.99 Superdrug


Bobbi Brown Eye Opening Mascara* – £24.50 Selfridges

I realised that it’s not one, but two mascaras I’ve really enjoyed recently. Which is nice also because one is cheaper, the other more expensive and it’s nice to showcase a selection of price points. Mascara is one of those products I’ve never felt you have to spend mega-bucks on to get a good one and L’Oreal are really backing that theory. This is one of those double ended mascara and even just the first step is a good mascara in itself. A good coating, no clumping and the curved wand hugs lashes well. I use step one on top and bottom lashes then step two – which is the coat with the fibres to really boost length – on the top only.

Then we have the Bobbi Brown Eye Opening Mascara. When I first saw it, I thought I wasn’t impressed – the tube was chunky, I didn’t see why it was so bulky but the wand was sort of lacking in bristles. But then the other day I was doing a super-speedy make-up thing where I just grabbed what was near and this was the mascara. MIND.CHANGED. This mascara is great if you want an all round length/thicker/darker effect. The narrow bristles mean maximum coating of lashes, minimal stabbing self in eye. Love how dark it is and how the formula is quite fluid so easy to layer.

A lot of love for mascara recently, my make-up BAE. Oh god, did I just use the expression BAE?

On that note, I will conclude my post about products I really like but haven’t blogged about yet.

*PR sample or gift



  1. February 28, 2017 / 10:39 am

    You really don’t need to spend so much on mascara, there are so many great ones in the drugstore. I’ve been using that x-fibre mascara for a while, so far so good! Liz Earle eye lotion sounds good, most of the eye products sting my eye, so I might give it a try!

    Ela BellaWorld

  2. March 2, 2017 / 3:11 pm

    Os produtos da Kerastase são tão caros aqui no Brasil. Gostei do seu post, acho que você deveria falar mais sobre os seus cuidados com o seu cabelo, eu ia gostar de saber sobre. 🙂

    • Jen
      March 3, 2017 / 7:50 am

      Obrigado! Vai fazer, eu tenho alguns posts de estilo de cabelo fácil planejada em me deixe saber qualquer coisa que você quer ver!

  3. March 3, 2017 / 1:40 pm

    I’ve just dug out my bottle of Liz Earle Eyebright today to take on holiday with me. It’s such a lovely refreshing product for mornings.

    Victoria x

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