The best places to instagram at Disney World

What’s the first thing you need to think about when planning a trip to Walt Disney World? Fast passes? Meal bookings? Which parks on what day? No, silly…it’s where you’re going to snap those all important Walt Disney World photo ops so make sure you can ‘gram your heart out with various use of the sparkly emoji, maybe a heart and the odd roller coaster one too.

Walt Disney Instagram Locations Purple Wall

Instagram Disney World – Best Locations

Now, if you look at Instagram photos of Walt Disney World – especially from bloggers and instagram pros (not me, FYI) then you might be forgiven for thinking it’s awash with photo opportunities and ‘grammable locations. This is partly very true, and partly not. Walking Around Walt Disney World you will see endless spots of photo opportunity and backdrops and generally amazing locations. BUT it’s also a very VERY busy theme park. So capturing those shots without either five other theme park goers in your backdrop trying to do the same or perhaps even a screaming childwill be a challenge. Which is why I have put in extensive research, time and effort to rounding up the most instagrammable locations in Walt Disney World. Ok, this is slightly tongue in cheek as the ‘extensive research, time and effort’ translates into – going to Walt Disney World twice in 12 months… and a bit of pre-trip googling. I have snaps from a variety of these and as you will see… people do tend to still make an appearance in the background. I’ve left these in for both authenticity, and the fact my editing skills don’t extend to deleting people.

instagram Disney world

Cinderella’s Castle – Magic Kingdom

Yes, it’s a cliche. But if you go to Disney and don’t post an Instagram of the castle, did you really go? Doubtful. But the trick is finding a good spot where you can get that shot without a mass crowd of people doing the same behind you. There are two options for this. One, get to the park as early as physically possible and sprint down main street to capture the photo before others get there. OR take it from a different angle – head off to the side of the castle where it will be much quieter and you can pose until your heart is content. Or simply capture the castle without you posing.

Walt Disney Instagram Locations Disney Castle

Walt Disney Instagram Locations

The Purple Wall – Magic Kingdom

It’s become something of a ‘thing’ in WDW, with it’s own instagram account and everything. Ollie fairly succinctly summed it up when we went there – but it’s just a purple wall?! But this comes from an instagram newbie who just doesn’t ‘get’ the appeal of a perfectly pastel hued wall to serve as a backdrop. The main appeal of this are that the purple hue is universally flattering. Also, that the location of the wall is off the main foot-fall areas so you’re likely to be able to steal a few moments away from crows to get the shot you want. Top tip – head into Tomorrow Land first and grab a Mickey-eared shaped snack as a perfect prop (and post-photo snack) before you get your pose on.

How to find the purple wall at Walt Disney World  – head across the bridge into Tomorrow Land (from the town square in front of Cinderella’s Castle) and take a right as soon as you cross it. As if you’re going to the Tomorrow Land Terrace Restaurant. It’s right there on the left. You’re welcome.

Walt Disney Instagram Locations Purple Wall

Tree Of Life – Animal Kingdom

In the centre of the newest Walt Disney World Park – Animal Kingdom – is a large tree. In the place where a castle may normally be seen, there’s this huge tree (not real, obviously) that on first look seems simple enough but closer you get, the more detail you can spot. With animal shapes being carved into the trunk in interlinking ways so that for each one you spot, just leads to realising that snout might be part of a fin or a tail being also a paw and so on. This makes for one of of the most obvious choices for Instagram fodder at Animal Kingdom. My tip? Choose which side you snap from depending on the time of day. Front on seems obvious, but if the sun is shining from behind all you get is a dark silhouettte. There are views of the tree from almost all angled as you make your way around the park so whatever time of day you can make it work.

Walt Disney Instagram Locations Animal KIngdom

Walt Disney Instagram Locations Animal Kingdom

The ‘Fichwa! Fellow’ Mickey Wall Painting – Animal Kingdom

I think Animal Kingdom might be one of the most instagram worthy places in Disney. There are so many little details and walls that are painted to look like various destinations across the glove (generally grouped into ‘Asia’ and ‘Africa’, but when you’re there you can start to depict where certain details might have been inspired by). There are a few areas around both Asia and Africa that make for a perfect Disney backdrop. Some you could probably try and fake being somewhere further afield, but for me one of the main ‘criteria’ of a good Disney instagram is having something still signature ‘Disney’ about it. Generally this can be that it’s either an icon of the parks, or the ever-present Mickey presence. So this is why the vintage style Mickey street art is my pick of the Instagram spots for Animal Kingdom.

How to find the ‘Fichwa! Fellow’ Mickey at Animal Kingdom  – It’s on the wall to the left of the Harambe Market food area. It’s usually a fairly quiet walk through too, so if you’re of a shy disposition it’s a good bet to avoid being stared at too much (i.e. like me – I feel awkward as hell posing ‘blog style’ anywhere)

Hollywood Boulevard and Sunset Boulevard – Hollywood Studios

With a tonne of facades and shop fronts with those art-deco Hollywood style, the two main streets in  Hollywood Studios are awash with photo opportunities. A classic to capture is the Crossroads of the world with Mickey on top in the background. Or you can try and capture one the old-school Hollywood style backdrops instead. Biggest challenge here is getting that magic moment of minimal background crowds AND a face that looks natural and happy…

If you want to go for something without you posing in it, this is a perfect location. Shooting a photo from above head height here captures all the vintage Hollywood style or even a shot of the classic Tower of Terror, but without those pesky ‘other people’ getting in the way. My personal favourite spot is the sign saying ‘Once Upon a Time’ – because it has that bit of Disney magic to it…

Walt Disney Instagram Locations Tower of Terror

Walt Disney Instagram Locations Hollywood Studios

Rollercoasters over drop rides for me anyday

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Also worth a stop is outside the entrance to Hollywood studios, where you can either (daytime) capture the Minnie and Mickey shaped topiary, or if you go for an evening shot you can get the classic Mickey-ear silhouette, complete with lined up palm trees as demonstrated below:

Walt Disney Instagram Locations Hollywood Studios

Walt Disney Instagram Locations Epcot

Spaceship Earth – Epcot

Another iconic location at Walt Disney World, that you just have to capture when you’re there. It’s a funny one, as having visited WDW since I was a child I find it funny to look back at how my perspective of Epcot has changed. When I was young is was SO futuristic and modern looking. With the monorail whirring in and out around the park. Space-like building and overall such a futuristic vibe…that going back now, probably over twenty years on from my first visit and it is somewhat funny to see that Epcot does have quite a dated feel to it now. It’s like looking back at what the future was predicted to be… which is no better summed up really than when you take a trip on Spaceship Earth and it takes you through how technology has developed… but pretty much stops at the creation of the ‘new era’ of the internet…  But regardless. Spaceship Earth (or ‘the giant golf ball’) is an icon and definitely worth a ‘gram.

Walt Disney Instagram Locations Epcot

Signature Disney Food – Various Locations

Another tasty and totally-instagramable thing about Walt Disney World? The food. Some of it is just plain tasty. Others, tasty AND shaped like Mickey Mouse. You do of course get extra Instagram points if you manage to combine a location AND Mickey shaped food (see purple wall PLUS Mickey pretzel below). There are all sorts of options here – from the things unique to Disney or snaps of your favourite food ‘around the world’ at Epcot. We had a delicious pizza in Italy

Walt Disney Instagram Locations Purple Wall

Food at Disney is a massive part of the fun (just me?) so I made sure to snap away at any gram-worthy treats we enjoyed. The slight hiccup in this plan being that the husband had food poisoning (see original post with story of the trip HERE) but I soldiered on and made the most of our dining plan treats on behalf of the both of us. What can I say, I took one for the team.  Other instagram favourites include – Mickey shaped breakfast waffles that we had for brunch at the Grand Floridian Resort.

Walt Disney Instagram Locations Mickey Waffles Instagram Disney World

Top tip – don’t just buy the food for the ‘gram… eat it too…

Walt Disney Instagram Locations Disney Castle Instagram Disney World


Disney snacks and treats My other favourite reason for being here. January healthy eating starts…tomorrow?!

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I hope you liked this post all about the best places to get yourself a killer ‘gram shot! That’s not to say that a trip to Disney should be ALL about getting those instagram shots – it’s about memories and having fun. So that first, instagram second. But I hope this might help you get some ideas for where you might want to take some fun instagram photos whilst at Disney World!



  1. March 3, 2017 / 1:42 pm

    Such great photos which I hope to take some tips from when I visit again in November. Despite numerous trips I’ve only just heard about the purple wall and I’m sure everyone will think I’m crazy for trying to track it down when I go.

    Victoria x

    • Jen
      March 3, 2017 / 4:10 pm

      I didn’t know about it last year then heard about it before visiting again in Jan so was excited to track it down!

  2. March 3, 2017 / 2:32 pm

    These are all great pictures! I love the Fischwa Mickey one the most. I’ve never been to Disney, but it’s true.. if it’s not on IG, then did you go? hahha Like any touristy place, it’s hard to snap a good pick without dozens of other people in it, these are the tricks of the trade! 😉

  3. Anonymous
    March 3, 2017 / 4:09 pm

    I’m off to Disney in June and will be heading straight back here when I’m there haha. Thanks for sharing x

  4. March 6, 2017 / 12:36 pm

    Disney is in my list to visit, hopefully someday soon 🙂 Really like the photos, I’m sure I’d get the foods when I try to capture the perfect shot ha ha 🙂

    Ela BellaWorld

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