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I’ve been on a hair colour mission in 2017 so far. Right back at the start of the year I kicked things off by getting my hair colour refreshed, roots seen to and a bit of fun added at a shoot with the guys at Schwarzkopf Professional for their BlondeMe range. The thing with being blonde is that there’s such a range within the ‘blonde’ family – there’s definitely not the ‘one blonde suits all’ shade.

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From the darker, rich ‘almost’ brown shades, to full on platinum, or strawberry blonde, honey, golden, baby, sunkissed, dip-dyed and beyond. Never mind adding to your blonde with touches of pastel shades or brighter colours. Blonde isn’t as simple as one shade with a load of bleach. Once you go blonde you also learn that it takes work to maintain your shade, get it right for your skin tone and keep it looking fresh, avoiding too much root re-growth without needing to actually move into a salon…

For me, I am naturally in the blonde family. Born a pretty light blonde, over the years it changed to more of a strawberry shade. I first dabbled with hair colour back in 2005 when I went to the salon and got a full head of highlights.  I LOVED it. Brighter, blonder = happier me. Over the years I’ve played around with shades and in general always come back to a paler, brighter blonde as my preference. I went darker, almost brown for a brief period but I think it’s summed up best with a comment from my sister when I went back lighter again when she said ‘Oh thank goodness you’re back to the blonde’. Yep, pretty much. The dark side isn’t for me. So I’m forever embracing the blonde side, but my task for this year has been to find the right shade, right care and right frequency of salon visits to achieve, maintain and keep it looking as good (and natural…) as possible.

Before Schwarzkopf Blonde Me

Before Schwarzkopf Blonde Me

Before Schwarzkopf Blonde Me

Before Schwarzkopf Blonde Me

Schwarzkopf has a range of products all designed to help out with the blonde from salon to home. So they have the pro-level products to get the hair to the perfect shade (including adding fun twists of pastel or colour too) and the take-home salon products you can add into your routine to keep your shade looking fresh as long as possible. Plus this helps maintain the salon-quality condition as it does take a bit of a hit with the lightening process.

The best thing about the BlondeMe range for salon is that it contains the Advanced Bonding System. To help get the exact shade of blonde you want, whilst maintaining the health of hair. Anyone who has gone for any form of blonding/lightening knows how much it can impact on the condition of your hair – so taking care during the colouring process makes all the difference. Rather than just trying to fix the damage after the colouring with conditioners and treatments.

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Back on the shoot I was there to play the role of ‘model’ for a team of hairdressers who worked together to colour, cut and style my hair from a fairly ‘blah’ start to a far brighter and bouncier finish. It was all filmed for the Schwarzkopf Professional BlondeMe site  so you can find me and my blonde barnet over there too. Then I was tasked with trialling the products at home to maintain the condition, shine and shade of my hair post appointment. I’ll save my thoughts and favourites on the at-home products for a later post. But I hope you enjoy the video!

I loved how Carolyn Newman (the colourist extraordinaire responsible for the BlondeMe colour choice) managed to lift the colour overall and blend my well-overgrown roots in a way that didn’t leave me with those ‘tell tale’ stripes, along with some fun pinky-toned bits for fun to create a rose-gold effect. Then Daniel Granger (hairdressing whizz from Body Fixers) went to work on refreshing the style and taking some length off. Then the awesome Sharon Malcom (award-winning stylist from Northern Ireland) dried and styled my hair to give it loads of movement and volume without looking too ‘done’ overall.


It was such a fun day, I loved the whole team who looked after me and left me feeling fabulous! Such a great trio to work with – very lucky to have my hair looked after by this talented bunch for the day! Plus I got to feel all fabulous being ‘on a shoot’ all day! In my next Schwarzkopf post I’ll be sharing the at-home BlondeMe range and how I got on with them. But as a heads up – the range is EXTENSIVE. Definitely something for every shade of blonde in there.

Thank you for having me and making my hair fab Schwarzkopf Pro team!

For more information on the Schwarzkopf Pro BlondeMe Range:

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