Most Loved Products of Summer 2017

Hello September!

Anyone else got that back to school feeling? I’ve taken it a little easy over the Summer months – which has been really lovely. But I’m looking forward to getting back to blogging life properly now September has hit. I have a whole lot of exciting things to ramble on about coming up so expect a sudden influx of new posts this month when it’s been a little more tumble-weed like over the Summer around these parts. To kick things off I thought what better way to say farewell to Summer than a round up of the ‘best of’ products for Summer 17 – my ‘MVPs’ if you will, ‘most valued products’ or the ones I have reached for day after day. Some of which I won’t be ditching into Autumn of course!


Clinique Moisture Surge Supercharged Concentrate * (Feel Unique – £34)

This is amazing, as someone who’s always had a ‘thing’ for a hydrating gel-like product this was an instant win. Intensely hydrating but still light. For flights it’s a wonder but I’ve just been using in place of a serum or similar as an extra hydration boost before moisturiser. LOVE this.

O&M Surf Bomb Sea Spray * (Look Fantastic – £22)

I’ve mentioned this in a dedicated stand-alone post, which is kinda a big deal really. I will go as far to say it’s the best sea-salt hair spray product I’ve ever tried. It give my hair texture, volume and smells good BUT doesn’t leave it crispy or frazzled feeling or even sticky as I’ve had with some sea-salt sprays. It’s perfect and one I will 100% repurchase once I’ve finished this bottle. Perfect for low maintenance Summer hair, but one I’ll keep using for a bit of ‘oomph’ to my ‘meh’ hair.


Bronze Goddess Eau Fraiche Skinscent * (House of Fraser – £59)

I always love Bronze Goddess, this year though it’s been a case of layering up the fragrance to get that beachy waft of perfume. Using a combination of the skinscent spray shown here and the body lotion. I tend to spray the fragrance on first, then ‘lock it in’ with the matching scented body lotion, then top off with another spritz. This fragrance isn’t as intense or long lasting as the actual perfume, more like a light body spray – which is nice as I feel I can use liberally without it being overpowering. But I do wish it maybe lasted a little longer through the day. Not one I’m ready to retire to the ‘Summer only’ beauty collection yet, but definitely one that doesn’t quite translate as well as other

Murad MattEffect Blotting Perfector * (Look Fantastic – £32)

I had this in my ‘to try’ stash for way too long before I picked it up and gave it a whirl. Now I’m kicking myself for taking so long. It’s ace – a perfect alternative to caking on powder to combat shine. I don’t even know how to properly describe what it is – but it’s like a cushion foundation, but in the cushion is a pinky coloured liquid (applies clear) that magically refreshes and mattifies. Which is why I love it – it doesn’t *just* combat shine, but the refreshing feeling makes it feel like you have done a full make-up refresh when all you have done is pat over whatever you had on already. Can also be used on bare skin to take away shine. Perfect for travel, anywhere hot or wherever really. Also has a good sized mirror in the lid – always handy.


By Terry Soleil Terrybly Auto-Radiant Tinted Serum Hydra-Bronzing * (Net a Porter – £59)

Ok, so this one has a long winded name and it’s actually one of two By Terry products I’ve been loving this Summer. This one is a tan activator and extender, but without DHA. So more of the type that enhances and develops your own skin’s tanning, rather than dials it up with the key fake tan ingredient of DHA. The was pretty much my only base product of choice whenever I’ve been away somewhere sunny (either alone or combined with my beloved IT Cosmetics CC Cream). Did it enhance my tan? Well, I came back with a pretty strong smattering of freckles – which for me, counts as a tan. I’m not exactly a ‘brozned beach babe’ (thanks a lot, Scottish heritage…). But what I love about this is it sort of combines a liquid bronzer with a bit of added benefits. The other By Terry product I was loving – especially when I was in California – was Terrybly Densiliss Sun Glow – a tinted blur bronzing-serum with firming perfection. Another long winded one, which in many ways was similar, a slightly thicker texture and more of a coverage/blurring effect. So I tended to opt for the lighter serum option overall. Both work a treat for a glow and will be helping me fake a sunkissed glow well into September…

Sisley Phyto Lip Twist Balm 16 * (Net a Porter – £31)

This was a bit of a late-entry Summer favourite as I only added it into the mix in August. But it’s a good one so worth a mention. I’ve been using shade 16 which is essentially a nude balm and by nude I mean pretty much no colour – just a very, very sheer pink tint. But the balm is why I love it. It feels instantly soothing and moisturising – almost like it smooths my lips instantly? Ok, so £31 for a lip balm IS pricey – definitely not one to buy on whim really but since I’m going through a bit of a no-lipstick phase so this is all I’ve been using.. so it’s sort of like a lipstick, in a way?! Though there’s every chance this no-lipstick phase will change as soon as I get into Autumn properly as I have a whole host of new shades I want to try out.

Clinique High Impact Waterproof Mascara * (John Lewis – £18)

Clinique make good mascara. I don’t think they get enough credit for how good it is. But this waterproof one is a perfect example of an all round ace mascara. The brush is big, but not too big. Formula dark and workable but not too wet. All round, it’s just a great mascara. It’s waterproof so stays put regardless of summer heat or sweat – although I didn’t actually test it swimming so can’t vouch for *full* waterproof. But it definitely doesn’t come off easily – not one to just wash off, definitely need a good remover to get this bad boy off. Will be using this until it’s dried up/three months has passed. Top marks Clinique!

Products with a * provided as PR sample or gift


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