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Perfume is a funny thing at this time of year – stores are absolutely stacked with gorgeous scents, gift sets and beautifully packaged fragrances. But it is such a subjective thing – as much as a beautiful bottle or set makes a lovely gift. You want to make sure you get a scent the person on the receiving end of it really likes. Which can be tricky! Which is where John Lewis are stepping in to help the challenge of either gift-giving or perhaps just navigating the maze of perfumes to find your own perfect new signature scent. They know the products to a tea and can help you match to a new one by taking your (or the person you’re buying for’s) current favourites and help find a fresh alternative. Great for switching things up a bit yourself or just making sure you can really nail it to get that look of delighted joy when they open their gift!


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To test out the service with John Lewis I answered a few questions – as they would ask you in store – about what I currently wear, what sort of fragrance I tend to opt for overall, any notes I like, how I apply perfume or if I have any memories attached to fragrance. Their perfume experts then headed off and sourced a brand new fragrance for me.

You can see all the answers to the questions John Lewis asked me all around finding a new signature scent on the John Lewis website:


When it comes to a signature or favourite scent I do tend to change it up a lot but my most-worn this year would be Maison Martin Margiela Fairground Evening, which I absolutely adore but because I love perfume and fragrance I was very open to the chance of having a new one selected for me. On opening the package from John Lewis with my new fragrance I immediately knew I was going to like it as I spotted one of my all time favourite brands – Diptyque.

Diptyque really do gorgeous fragrances that tend to lean towards the slightly more unusual. Plus they’re always really great for staying power – not ones you will spritz and find it vanishes before you even get out the door!

My new scent is Diptyque Vetyverio – a fragrance that’s been around for a good few years but I’ve never tried before. It’s a unisex fragrance – which I love because I do tend to lean towards a fragrance with more ‘typically’ masculine notes such as the signature one in this – vetiver. Throw in some musky notes and I’m sold.

I think it’s seriously impressive how based on nothing more than a few simple questions and their knowledge of a HUGE selection of scents the clever fragrance experts at John Lewis can successfully choose a new scent that is just perfect for me. I’d happily go to them if I was looking for a perfume gift for someone – my top tip would be go armed with an idea of what they currently like or wear and that will put you in a good place for finding a new alternative.

To find out more about the perfume selection available at John Lewis: John Lewis Fragrance

Diptyque Vetyverio is available from John Lewis (from £64)

Post sponsored by John Lewis



  1. December 23, 2017 / 8:58 am

    I’m getting married in April and I was just thinking of going straight to Jo Malone but I think I’m going to pay a visit to John Lewis now! I find the seletion of fragrance quite overwhleming so their help would be so useful. Diptyque Vetyverio sounds beautiful, not to mention the packaging! x

    • Jen
      December 23, 2017 / 8:59 am

      Gorgeous isn’t it! I’d really recommend somewhere like John Lewis as they have such a vast selection – plus many of them have Jo Malone in store so can try both the wider selection and the JM selection in one go!

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