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I was going to do a post just about some of my holiday outfits. But then I realised why not make it a little mother-daughter type thing as not going to lie, she had some pretty cute summer baby outfits to show off.  The reason I wanted to do a post on what we wore on holiday was mainly because of a couple of reasons. One – I’m trying to feel a bit more confident about myself and what I wear day to day. Two – I tried to make more of an effort (partly so I felt good, see reason one) on holiday. As it can be all too easy to just slob out and wear super casual. But it was nice to make an effort and think about outfits for evening especially. So here’s a run down of what both Eleanor and I wore on holiday this Summer…. hopefully with a smidge of Summer holiday outfit inspiration for you!

For Eleanor I wanted to have super lightweight outfits for day if we were out and about. But on some days we just left her in her nappy as it was just too warm for anything. Keeping her cool was order of the day. My favourite things she wore include the short sleeve/short leg baby grow that was from a NEXT multi-pack. Next is 100% one of my favourite places to shop for baby clothes. They’re lovely, good quality and good value.

Ahead of holiday I did a bit of a shop for her and also picked up the great little swim suit and hat combo. I also bought a little blue and white swimsuit that’s adorable but she ended up not wearing as I wanted to use this one to keep her covered when we went in the pool. The size was 3-6 months so still quite big on her but a great option to cover up in sunshine! Plus it’s just adorable…

Swimwear for me post-baby is a slightly tricky issue. I’ve always preferred bikinis for poolside stuff. But whilst I feel a bit self conscious over how my body has changed and my belly is not *quite* the toned rock-hard abs I’d like… ahem… (I’ve never had toned/rock-hard abs in my life…) I’ve been opting for swimsuits. I had one bikini which I picked up from Next that was great but I definitely felt more comfortable keeping my stomach covered up. I got one bright blue swimsuit from BooHoo (via ASOS) that was only £10. I didn’t have high hopes for it being so cheap but actually loved it. It felt flattering and loved the colour. A bargain!

Then I also had a swimsuit from Figleaves* that was a ‘suck me in’ type. I liked it but think I should have sized down to my ‘normal’ size rather than size up as it was a little big on me. I think had I opted for my usual size I’d have felt more of the ‘support’ benefits. Where I opted to avoid feeling like it was too tight by going up one size.

The hat I’m wearing in about 90% of my holiday snaps is from Accessorize – I love a hat, but they don’t always suit me. So opting for a smaller brim one that I felt fit me well means I wear it ALL the time. Mainly for practical reasons to block the sun! I also almost always wear the same sunglasses that I’ve had for about 5 years. They’re Ray-Ban and I LOVE them. They’re currently scratched to pieces and could probably doing with investing in a new pair but I feel so attached to these I don’t want to let them go!

I do have a significant obsession with rainbows so any time I see a rainbow baby outfit I can’t resist it! My two favourite places for all things rainbow are Boden (they ALWAYS have amazing colourful items) and the Littlebird range at Mothercare. The outfits above are from Boden on the left* and Mothercare on the right. Both rainbow covered goodness that are perfect for Summer as they’re also really lightweight cotton so nice and cool.

Speaking of Boden colour goodness – another summer favourite of mine is this Juliette maxi skirt*. It’s a lovely material, a sort of matte silk feeling. I absolutely adore the colour and it’s so light and comfortable to wear. Perfect if you don’t feel 100% getting your legs out in summer.

Another little splash of colour that might win the award for fashion purchase of the Summer are my red slip on sandals from Peacocks. At a WHOPPING £8 for the pair, they’re everything I want from a Summer shoe. Comfortable. Easy to wear and go with a surprising amount of outfits. Especially simple monochrome outfits such as the two above. Looks like the red might be sold out but the gold is on sale at £4… be rude not to really?! (FYI I have the gold too…)

The striped white & black denim skirt is from Next and the first short skirt I’ve worn in forever and I love it. First time I’ve felt confident in a mini so extra plus points. Flattering, comfortable and only £20. The black denim mom shorts are also from Next and again it’s a whole lot of love. High-waisted (i.e. sucks me in) and not too short-shorts. Very comfortable. Only £22 too. Two more token snaps of shorts in action below.

On the shorts/leg exposing type side of things. Have a read of THIS post as might explain why I have some new found confidence.

I also picked up a bright red playsuit from that I loved wearing. Fun without looking like I’m trying to dress like a teenager. The thing about summer or holiday dressing I struggle with is balancing outfits that are both comfortable for heat, flattering and not too skimpy as I don’t feel comfortable showing certain bits – especially after having a baby.

So yes, this post is quite the ramble and share of a few holiday snaps. But I hope that it might be interesting if you’re just a curious type. Or if you’re looking for some ideas for someone who is in the short (I’m 5ft3) and 10-12 type size window. Always helps to see others in outfits you might be interesting in trying out!

Let me know if you’re interested in more style type rambles in future – either for me or Eleanor!

Items mentions & marked with a * were gifted. Post contains some affiliate links. All other items bought by me.


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