Sleep routines – 7 months

So this morning, after a bit of a broken night (1.30am, 3am & 5am wake ups…) I was browsing stories and the wonderful Hannah Gale’s feed popped up with a link to her latest post on baby nap routines. It’s true that becoming parent basically means a speed ticket to sleep obsession. Your own, your babies. A permanent state of tiredness that pretty much just becomes the new normal.

Of course, sleep/life with a baby is like anything and it’s all very very varied. Every baby is different and hopefully that goes without saying. I know a bad night by my standards might sound like the dream to many others – and at the same time a good night by my measure might sound awful to someone else. Even just the idea of a sleep routine indicating some sort of consistency feels a bit laughable to be fair… 

As Hannah said in her post – the sleep routines and harsh reality of life as a parent is never more real than the clocks changing. I did NOT remotely anticipate this. For some reason I thought she would just adapt and wake at normal time. Oh how wrong. Extra hour in bed? No, extra hour of singing time! Eleanor tends to chat away/sort of baby babble/sing when she wakes up. The plus side is that she doesn’t ‘need’ anything from me. Downside is she doesn’t half make a racket… a cute racket… but still…

But with all that in mind, I thought I’d share a bit on where Eleanor’s sleep routine is at 7 months old. It does vary, but in general – she’s gone from waking up around 7am (a nice, sociable hour) to between 5-6am. Less sociable. She’s usually quite happy if she wakes around 5am to chat away for half an hour or so, so getting up around 6am. Feeding 6.30/7am (milk). Then around 8-9am goes down for a nap. This could be 40mins to two hours. As a rule, if I have work deadlines… it will be 40mins… 

Then after her morning nap we’ve been doing some solid food for breakfast. She’s very much enjoying porridge at the moment so when she wakes up have been having some of that. Usually with a bit of fruit like banana or apple. Followed by a top up of milk a little later. Then her afternoon nap varies, depending on when she woke up from the morning one but around 3 hours after she woke up. So in general, around 1-2pm she goes down for another sleep. This is usually a bit longer so often up to two hours. 

Then when she wakes up, we do some more food – more finger food type stuff. Veggie sticks, toast, avocado. Generally quite random as she’s still weaning/tasting various things for now. Then some play and aim to do another bottle of milk later – so around 5.30/6pm usually. Then the goal is to get her bathed/story & bed by 7pm. We then do a dream feed when we’re going to bed around 10-11pm ish. We have toyed with idea of dropping this… but the fear of the nights getting more broken holds us back! 

In general, when I put her down for a sleep she’s good at just settling herself down. She does have a dummy for nap & bed time and if she wakes in the night can usually find it and put it back in herself and go back to sleep. Sometimes she can’t and that’s when she needs Ollie or I to go through and find it for her. Or sometimes it’s a nappy change or whatever is needed to make her comfortable. She only very rarely will feed during the night.

So that’s a bit of an overview of our current sleep routine. I never knew I would be in a place where I was so obsessed with someone else’s sleep – but those nap times are the sanity savers of motherhood! 

I’d love to hear about your sleep routines or general sleep related parenting tales. Especially any advice around using the Sleepyhead (which is amazing FYI) but I’m wondering if she will cope with not having it, or am I just setting myself up for failure there… 


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