Mugler Cologne Collection 2019

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Mugler Cologne Collection

I’ll kick this post off with a bit of a confession. I’ve never really liked Mugler fragrances. I know, bit of an awkward admission before launching into a post about a new collection of them. For me, the most famous/well know of the Mugler brand are probably Angel and Alien. Neither of which float my boat. For some reason Angel manages to simultaneously remind me of a school bully and spaghetti hoops. But that’s a side point and actually not what I’m writing about today. Todays is all about the Mugler Cologne Collection which is a rainbow of bottles little splash of joy.

Mugler Cologne Collection

The original Mugler Cologne was created back in 2001 and this latest launch builds on the original with five fragrances that can be worn individually, combined and layered to create your own personalised scent. Because of my previous impression of Mugler fragrances as being fairly intense, I wasn’t sure what to expect on trying these but I can confirm they’re SO good. Light, fresh and with variety across the different versions that there’s something there for all.

Mugler Cologne Collection

The five scents are:

Mugler Cologne Come Together (the green one): Fresh and energising with notes of petigrain and white musk.

Mugler Cologne Take Me Out (the orange one): Bright and zingy with orange blossom and shiso notes. Smells like summer holidays.

Mugler Cologne Fly Away (the yellow one): A sparkly feeling citrus with a little something extra as a twist. The notes are mainly grapefruit and hemp – with the hemp being something that keeps it a bit warmer and more ‘grounded’.

Mugler Cologne Love You All (the blue one): Has notes of licorice and white amber. I’d describe it as a little sweeter and a little warmer than the ones above.

Mugler Cologne Run Free (the purple one): Warm and a little bit spicy with key notes of ginger and Akigalawood. I can’t say I know what Akigalawood smells like as it’s a trademarked name apparently but I like it!

Overall, this is one of those ranges where I do think there’s a fragrance for everyone. You could go more traditional and say the purple one is the more masculine and the blue is probably the most sweet or typically feminine. But what I like about this collection is the mix of them alongside each other. Picking out a couple of favourites and you can mix and match depending on your mood.

Mugler Cologne Collection

Whilst the bottles shown here are the full sized 100ml versions. On the website they have 10ml travel size versions so if you can’t decide between them it’s an ideal way to try and mix and match to find your ideal combination.

Mugler Cologne Collection

My personal favourites from the collection are Take Me Out – when worn alone as it just smells so warm and sunny to me. Then I love the combination of Come Together and Run Free layered.

Mugler Cologne Collection 2019 is available now – 100ml bottles available from Debenhams (£55) and the 10ml on (£17)

Post features gifted products and affiliate links.

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