Let’s Talk Stretch Marks

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I’ve been working with Palmer’s as part of the Palmer’s Squad for most of 2019 and have loved sharing their products with you. But there’s one part of working with them that feels like the one I’m both really excited to share and also a little nervous as it’s a touch on the personal side. But today is that day.

Palmer's Stretch Marks

Palmer’s as a brand are known for many things, they have fantastic products for hair and body that are great value, lovely to use and really do the job. One of the most well known has to be the stretch mark range. Largely aimed at pregnant women to use at that time when your body changes at such a rapid rate whilst growing a baby that the odds of getting a stretch mark or two are high. 

Now don’t get me wrong here – I have nothing against stretch marks. I think they can truly look beautiful. But this is where it gets personal, the challenge with pregnancy and the impact it can have on your body is very much an individual thing. You might embrace every new jiggle, curve and silvery line OR you might find the rapid changes and adapting to a new body (along with life as a new mum) a hard adjustment. 

Palmer's Stretch Marks

For me, the thing I found a little hard to process was the ‘forever’ side to the changes. Obviously having a baby and being a parent bit as a forever thing goes without saying. But there’s this sense you might just bounce back (thanks women’s mags and celebs for that false impression) and return to the body you had before. Which even with all the workouts and care can be very far from the real situation. Having a baby is a huge life change and it’s true that you as a person and your body are highly likely to change in ways you can’t even fathom when you look at that positive pregnancy test. At least that’s something I found. 

Post baby I feel my hip shape has changed, my boobs just aren’t what they used to be having grown and shrunk at a pretty rapid rate. The skin on my stomach is just not as supple as it used to be. 

I would love to sit here and shout about how everything was magical and bounced back, but it’s enough of a journey as it is. Last thing any mum to be or new mum needs is fibs about how easy things will go back to normal. But what I can say is that a few days after I had Ella, I looked at my stomach – I felt through pregnancy I had gotten off lightly as not spotted any stretch marks appearing thanks to being pretty rigorous with the lotions and potions – but it was actually AFTER having Ella that they popped up. Because it’s not just the stretch that can make them appear, but the rapid change both ways – bigger and smaller. I realised I had those silvery lines across my lower stomach under my belly button.

So as soon as my stomach wasn’t feeling quite so tender I applied Tummy Butter because whilst there are massage creams, oils and all sorts. My personal preference is the rich texture of an intensive treatment balm. Plus, I massaged it in as the combination of a goodness-packed skincare product and a good massage to really encourage blood flow to the skin is an ultimate combination. All at the same time as soothing, relieving the itch of dry skin.

Now, at 18 months on from having my daughter those silvery lines are now just slightly less springy skin than before. Moral of the story? Stretch marks aren’t just for during pregnancy AND make sure you really massage in whatever product you choose to opt for to get the full benefits. 

A little more info on the Palmer’s Tummy Butter for Stretch Marks (and the rest of the range), the balm is Cocoa Butter based with added Shea Butter, Argan Oil, Collagen and Elastin. The formula includes no mineral oil, parabens or phthalates and is suitable for those with sensitive skin, but they do advise to test if using whilst pregnant because skin sensitivity can be increased.

Palmer’s also advise to use the Tummy Butter as a follow up for the Massage Lotion – a great tip I wish I had known at the time. So, give yourself a great massage with the lotion or massage cream then use the richer textured Tummy Butter to really lock in those benefits.

The Palmer’s Stretch Mark range is available from Boots Superdrug & most Supermarkets. Price from £3.99

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