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I’ve been an eBay user for a long time now, I think I first set up my account way back in 2003 – crazy. Over a decade of eBay! I have fond beauty memories of eBay being the place to go to get sought after colours or shades of make-up from across the pond that we couldn’t otherwise get. Many a spree was had for collections of nail polish or impulse handbag purchases (yes, one of my Mulberry’s was an eBay bargain).

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I think there’s been a lot of changes to eBay over the past few years, where it used to be very much just a person-to-person selling platform it’s now become a home for shops or small retailers to showcase their wares and sell them nice and easily. In many ways it’s increased the level of trust you have when buying from eBay – thanks to the recommendations and rating system. You very much know what you’re going to get – making it a far more fun and inspiring place to shop.

So along with this, the new eBay ‘collections’ function has also evolved – very much like a eBay dedicated pinterest style boards where you can add items into these ‘collections’ and group them. I find this a really handy way to shop and organise my ideas – so rather than going on a spree, you can add different items together and perhaps see what makes the most sense for you when side by side with other options. Or maybe you’re looking for a bit of Healthy Eating Motivation and want some goodies to help you on your way – that was one of the thought behind one of my boards. I didn’t want to make them all totally make-up focused, as personally I don’t just shop for make-up! But eBay is a veritable treasure trove of items from all genres – so it made sense to create a variety of boards.

Although saying that I did have a couple of very beauty-focussed ones, including a little edit of My Beauty Favourites and a collection encapsulating my second love in life… storage! All focussed on Beauty Storage Ideas of course – with something from the transparent Muji style drawers, to cute and quirky wooden options.

Of course, gadgets is another main love and I thought a collection summarising some of the gadgets and gizmos that I use for my blogging life would make sense – especially since it was eBay that I turned to for many of them (the studio lights and the camera-top light especially as these both came from eBay when I bought them. So my favourite board in my collections would have to be the Making Blogging Beautiful one as think it’s the most handy! Maybe not the most visually thrilling, but for me – it sums up what eBay is perfect for!

You can find and explore the rest of my eBay collections here: Beautyjunkieldn eBay Collections

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  1. March 25, 2014 / 10:59 pm

    Hate to be the whingey person, but it’s a shame that Ebay has lost its USP over the last couple of years. It’s now much harder to find those special, hard-to-find, bargain items from private individuals since Ebay is so dead-set on getting rid of its private sellers in favour of bigger businesses. I have had far more problems buying from well-known online brands than I have from Ebay over the years.

    I guess any business always comes down to the money, but it’s a shame that many wonderful private sellers have had to go elsewhere to sell. I’m now looking at alternative places to find second hand & discontinued clothing/makeup/everything else that I like!

    • Jen
      March 26, 2014 / 12:49 pm

      That’s very true, the way I shop on eBay has definitely changed over the years and it’s no longer the one I’d go to for those sorts of items (more like Etsy or similar) but I do think eBay is great for things like gadgets and ‘dupe’ type fashion items. But it definitely has changed from where it started out.

  2. March 26, 2014 / 4:48 pm

    i didn’t even know that ebay had collections, I’m totally going on there now and creating some.

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