Five easy steps to an at-home pedicure

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at home pedicureFive easy steps to an at-home pedicure

The irony of me writing this right now is that my feet are actually in dire need of a bit of pampering. A few days of travel/festivals/wandering the streets of Barcelona and dancing in heels until 5am means they’re looking and feeling a bit worse for wear. But these are a few of my little tips and tricks that i turn to when I want to get them looking summer sandal ready in a jiffy (or at least over night). 

There’s also a very special little gem that’s one of my new feet essentials – read on for my tips, or right to the bottom for my super time-poor way to get your feet ready for exposing in no time at all. 

One: Scrub/buff/exfoliate the *ish out of them

Chances are they’re pretty neglected, it’s an easy area of the body to ignore. But the quickest and easiest way to bring them back into ready to show off is with one of those speedy buffing gadgets to almost instantly take them from hard and (frankly) a bit crusty to smoother and ready to go. 

Two: Toenails and cuticles – trim and neaten

If it’s been a while, give your toenails a trim – or at least give them a bit of a file. Personally I like to keep mine as short as possible – I just cant stand the long nail look on feet. But each to their own and all that. Then give the cuticles a bit of love – either with an oil and a push back with a cuticle stick as you would on your hands. Or perhaps use a liquid cuticle exfoliator to just neaten and hydrate. 

If you want to give them a paint, go for it at the end of steps 1-5, I’d concentrate on getting them in shape with these little tips first THEN give them the colour make-over (don’t forget the base coat – nail varnish on toes can be left on for longer and so is more likely to leave a stain behind).

Three: Scrub them again

Yes, really – I know, might seem like overkill. But personally I like to follow up the ‘full on’ buff with a cream exfoliator that sort of feels like a refreshing foot wash at the same time but also has the added benefit of some little scrubby bits in there ready to get off any remaining hard skin.  Plus leaves them clean and fresh. 

Four: Moisturise, moisturise and moisturise again.

Simple as that. Use as much moisturiser as you can. Whatever your foot cream of choice is, go with it and don’t skimp. 

Five: Give them an overnight pamper

This doesn’t even have to be overnight really, but that is a good way to do it. Use a pair of pampering gelX socks to really lock in that moisture. These gel socks are from Simply Feet and they really are simply fab for a lazy-girl pamper. They work especially well when you have gone in for a full-on pamper pedicure session, but they also help to maintain it as if you just slather on some moisturiser and leave overnight every couple of days (or daily if you’re truly dedicated to beautiful feet) and your hard work will last that little bit longer too. Probably longer than nice weather to be honest…

Tight on time?

If you really have no time at all or have some sort of sandal-wearing emergency on the cards then you can cut these down into just tips one, four and five. Or if you’re mega lazy just go with one and five and wear the gel socks over night. 

For more foot related goodness or to stock up on your foot-care essentials head to Simply Feet

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  1. June 30, 2014 / 12:15 pm

    I’ve been looking for an easy pedicure routine – thanks so much! 🙂

  2. June 30, 2014 / 12:57 pm

    Thanks for the pedi tips!!
    I love a good pedi time!
    nothing beats a nice foot scrub and a soak!
    xo Holly xo


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