#MyNo7Feeling Look Three

Day three and I was very excited about this look when I first took a look at the various products I had in store to play with. Not that I’m usually an all pink girl at all – but the textures and shades of these three really appealed to me when I first had a look I love the pop and glow product as it’s just so easy and kinda fun to use – the big dome shape nib makes it really easy to just dot on, and then blend to create a pop of colour. The nail colour (a sunny shade – perfectly names Summer Holiday – that I opted for on my toes, so not shown in the pic) it really is a tad brighter shade than it looks in the bottle and very shiny. Impressive stuff. Then there’s the Sheer Temptation Lip Colour in ‘Pretty Please’ a gorgeous bright, that’s just pigmented to add a pop, but sheer enough for perfectly Sunday wear.

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For the rest of the face I kept it super simple – as I was at this gorgeous wedding of my lovely blog friend Milly yesterday evening – and whilst I was very sensible and only had a glass or two of wine, I did have a late night as was staying with my parents so stayed up until 3.30am chatting. So whilst there was no hangover at all – but there was a late night and a bit of tiredness. This look was absolutely perfect for concealing that as there’s not much better than a perky pink creamy cheek colour and a pop of sheer, slightly glossy lips to perk up the face.  Definitely hiding the fact I felt very sleepy when I took these!

It was a lovely day though, with lunch with the ‘rents and my not-so-little-anymore brother, followed by returning to London and heading out for a few Sunday evening birthday drinks with my friends. Now, last thing before heading to bed I wanted to type up the look and how the #MyNo7Feeling 7 day challenge is going so far. Firstly, the three looks I have kicked off with have been lovely ones and right up my alley – so far, so good. I’m ever so slightly hesitant over a future look that’s potentially quite dark, or potentially quite colourful. But this is all about breaking out of a rut, trying something new and seeing how it feels.

So far, the best thing has been discovering some real stand out products that I would potentially have overlooked otherwise – the foundation is a total winner (although I did skip the full base and opt for tinted moisturiser today), the cheek pops in both the pink and the bronze are so easy to use and lovely shades, and then the mascaras have both left me impressed too. So definitely a few impressive discoveries so far – in terms of my favourite of the three looks. It’s a tough call as I’ve really liked all three. But I think it would probably have to be this one as I love the fact I definitely didn’t look as tired as I felt thanks to the lip and cheek colour – definitely new secret weapons!

Stay tuned for look 4 tomorrow!

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  1. July 21, 2014 / 8:15 am

    Sooo pretty!
    I love pinks I am such a girly girl I seriously can’t get enough of pink!
    These products look beautiful!
    xo Holly xo


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