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So I’ve talked a lot about the girly side of getting wedding ready, but with the final countdown now on – I think it’s time to give a little blog-space to the boys. So today I’m having a little natter about the boys getting suited and booted (actually, just suited…boots/shoes purchased elsewhere) with Hawes & Curtis – where they headed to get sorted for suits and shirts.


hawes and curtis

A couple of weeks ago, Ollie headed to town along with his brother and best man Ben, and my brother and usher David on a mission to find their suits. Now, there is no shortage of suit shops in central London – and you can pay almost any price you can imagine. The groom, headed to Hawes and Curtis to choose his. The boys wanted to find suits that are the same shade, but weren’t head set on fully matching. The groom found his in Hawes and Curtis – it was the perfect fit (minus the leg adjustments) and the right shade and one he would be happy to wear on the day and again afterwards. Perfect!

To go with it, of course you need the perfect white shirt – I know the world of girls clothes and fashion is a pretty vast one. But have you ever seen the range of cuts/styles/fabrics available for what I thought would be a simple purchase of a white shirt. There are SO many variations, that you can be sure there’s something to suit everyman’s taste. Ollie selected a Men’s Plain White Poplin Slim Fitted Luxury Cotton Shirt with a Double Cuff *. See – so many details. The slim fit – more closely fitting on the body and sleeves. Poplin – meaning it’s a strong fabric, so hard waring for regular wear and washing. Double cuff – basically meaning it needs cufflinks.

As he’s wearing the shirt/suit combo for the wedding I decided not to get him to wear the whole get-up for the post and just show the shirt – I don’t want to spoil it for myself! But along with the white shirt, he also chose a classic blue stripe * one too, since he’s always needing more options for work wear too – with a simple sky blue colour with white pin stripe. Which in my girly opinion looks great with the red tie.

I asked Ollie about what he looks for when shopping for work shirts – as he works in the city he has to wear them every day so is pretty experienced at shopping for this type of thing. His key things to look for are fit – is the shirt true to size? Men don’t like to try on – so they want to feel confident that he can ask for it in his size and it be accurate. Fabric – it has to be hard wearing to be washed regularly, but also feel premium at the same time. Not a sweat-hazard – ok, my wording, but he doesn’t like shirts that make him sweaty. Who does?! So cotton is a winner to let the skin breathe. Of course, if shopping in store then ask the staff if you need any help with measurements or fit – they know their stuff.

The fit and service in Hawes & Curtis has been ideal to get him kitted out for the wedding – his number one tip though was to go on a weekday if heading to the Jermyn Street store (where he got his suit from) as it can be very busy at weekends.

More information: Hawes & Curtis 

p.s Hawes & Curtis do also do womenswear too!


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  1. Josie
    August 21, 2014 / 10:56 am

    Lovely pis – i’ll be checking it out to get the boyf suited & booted!

    Josie XOXO
    Fashion Mumblr

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