David Koma SS 2015 London Fashion Week

The last installment of my backstage/catwalk bits from London Fashion Week this time around is David Koma SS 2015. Where we had Maybelline taking care of the make-up and Tigi on hair duty. My backstage experience here was a bit of a crazy one as I got there quite close to show time so had to be super speedy getting around to check out the looks and take the photos I wanted. Luckily the looks were pretty stand-out, but still wearable ones whichh meant my job wasn’t maybe the same as it would have been with more avant garde styles that maybe need a bit of context/inspiration explaining…

david koma SS 2015 london fashion week
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Make-up: Maybelline

As you can probably see, the look is relatively simple and wearable – with a double liner being the statement of the beauty look. Faces were very simple other than the liner, with natural glowing skin, nude lips – letting the almost ancient-Egyptian feeling liner be the stand out of the look. Definitely an easy look to recreate/wear which will look creative and quirky, but not quite people-turn-and-stare level of out-there. Key products being the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream, Better Skin Concealer (custom blended to get a perfect skin tone match) and the Maybelline Master Kajal Liner.

Hair: Tigi

The hair is described as “The return of the ‘normalista’ with urban nonchalance and effortless cool, replacing the more elbaorate styling of previous seasons.” I would totally agree and have to say I loved this look. Simple, slightly sporty looking – with a slicked back style around the top, loosening into natural easy waves through the lengths. No doubt it’s one of those Fashion Week wonders that looks totally simple and relaxed… but takes a ton of product to create. The two key products to get the look are the Catwalk by Tigi Bodifying Spray which was used the create the slicked-back/wet-look hair around the head, then styling clips were used in a zig-zag fashion down the loose hair to create natural, loose waves – topped with a touch of Catwalk by Tigi Work It Hairspray.




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    That’s the thniknig of a creative mind

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