Ma Vie Pour Femme Hugo Boss

Ma Vie Pour Femme is the latest version in the Pour Femme Hugo Boss perfume family – the one fronted by Gwneth Paltrow. I also have the white-bottle original scent (which is very nice) but this pinky one is the one I’m looking at today. The main reason being that I will now always think of this as ‘my hen party perfume’.

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I’ve talked before about how I’m a big advocate of perfume linking to memories and how just a whiff of a scent can bring memories flooding back in an instant. Not always in a good way, but mostly fond memories. Things like the smell of woodchip takes me back to primary school. There are perfumes that take me back to times and places – Hugo Boss Deep Red reminds me of Sixth Form. Emporio Armani She takes me right back to uni nights out and Britney Spears Believe to my first holiday with my boyfriend (technically now husband when you’re reading this as is pre scheduled for when I’m off on honeymoon!).

This perfume then, is now the one that will remind me of my hen do and as such I will now always think of it with warm fuzzies. The story behind that being not that I took the bottle with me, rather I actually forgot perfume all together. But one of my lovely girls put together these fab little goody bags for each of us – with a survival kit (plasters, paracetemol, polos, berocca…we won’t mention what happened to the Berocca but take it from me  – it lives in those air tight plastic tubes for a reason) plus a stick of brighton rock, envelopes of 2ps for the arcades, little parcels of flying saucers for a sugar boost… and some perfume samples. In my bag was this one, and whilst I’d sniffed it back home I hadn’t really been so wow’d that I felt the need to wear it constantly. But I used the sample – for day and the night out and now as a result it has totally won me over.

A little about the perfume – apparently it’s created in partnership with Jason Wu as creative director of Hugo Boss women’s wear. He wanted to create something ‘feminine but invigorating’:

“His desire to create a scent that symbolized the new, modern aspects of femininity Wu drew parallels between this latest era of womanhood and the cactus flower, which perseveres to bloom beautifully despite the difficulties it endures”

So Cactus became a key note – the top one in face – of the scent. I’ll be honest and say I’ve never smelt a cactus so have no idea what this would be like but I like how whatever this scent is manages to balance out the floral heart notes of Pink Fressia, Rose Buds and Jasmine Petals. All very floral and girly. Then the base notes help to tone things down again with Sheer Woods and Cedar Wood.

Overall the scent is partly very girly and floral, but with just enough earthy/woody scents that bring it down a notch. I’m not a fan of overly floral fragrances myself but I do like this one. In terms of how it links to the other ‘Pour Femme’ fragrances – it’s barely comparable as the notes are so different. Jour Pour Femme is a very fresh daytime scent – and I’m not sure which one scent wise I like the most. But I do like them both – Ma Vie Pour Femme because it will always remind me of an amazing weekend in Brighton with my favourite girls.

Ma Vie Pour Femme Hugo Boss * is available from Escentual (£29.60)


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  1. Josie
    September 1, 2014 / 11:01 am

    Ooh this sounds lovely – very elegant looking bottle too 🙂

    Josie XOXO
    Fashion Mumblr

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