A (Belated) US Beauty Haul

Remember last November when I went to San Francisco? Yep, well – along with all the amazing Macy’s activity (and shopping, obviously) I also did a little bit of drugstore & general beauty shopping. When I arrived in my gorgeous Westin St Francis room I looked out at the amazing view and second only to spotting Macy’s right across Union Square… I noticed the illuminated red circles that indicated only one thing. Target. I am a huge fan of Target – a store that seems to have everything, from groceries, to homeware, to clothes and beauty aisles galore. All nice and cheap so a guilt free indulgence. I had also already googled that there was a Bath & Bodyworks nearby… so of course some shopping ensued, so here I give you a belated US Beauty Haul.


Bath & Bodyworks:
When I lived in the US I don’t ever remember being overexcited by Bath & Bodyworks. Even in more recent years on trips to New York it wasn’t a store I really hunted down. But the last couple of times I realised where a store was I’d walk over and check it out. Ok, so the stores can be a little overwhelming – who knew there could be *that* many body lotion options?! Well, there are – and that’s probably why I spent a good hour sniffing them all to make my decisions. Yes, I’m pretty sure the store staff thought I was a crazy lady. Going back and forth between lotions and candles, sniffing and sniffing again… In the end I went for two of the festive candles (one not shown as it’s been long burnt…) and five lotions (again, one not shown as already used). In the end opting for: Warm Vanilla Sugar (warm sweet and comforting scent), Sea Island Cotton (fresh and clean – I’m a sucker for clean scents), Cashmere Glow (sort of warm and clean at the same time…) and Thousand Wishes (a Christmas scent I think, but sweet and juicy!). The lotions were on a $3 each offer, so I couldn’t resist them all – the only thing that held me back was the luggage weight limit!

Candle wise I picked up two jar candles – the Winter One as shown and another green one that I think was called Pine? It was lovely whatever it was.


Target & Drugstore: Make-Up

Next up was Target/Drugstore make-up purchases. I actually didn’t buy all that much drugstore wise on this trip. There just wasn’t as much that wowed me as usual. But I did pick up – a Vanilla Mint EOS balm. I’m a sucker for all things mint, so this was a no-brainer. The Maybelline The Nudes palette – also a sucker for a nude palette. It’s a bit exciting to see these at drugstore level – and now hitting the UK highstreet too. Also from Maybelline I picked up a Masterglaze by Facestudio shade in a coral pink shade. I’ve not tried this yet, but it’s Spring so perfect timing for a pop of coral? From Neutrogena I picked up a single Crease Proof Eye Shadow Stick in a copper shade – again, not even opened this yet so can’t say how good it is. But it caught my eye and came home with me!

Lastly, from Target I spent some time browsing the Sonia Kashuk brush range – which I’m usually pretty bowled over by. This was the one I chose as thought it was ideal for on the go – double ended foundation and blush/powder brush. The powder bit retracts to no bent fibres too. Simple, but genius – a new handbag staple.


Target & Drugstore: Bath & Body

Lastly, the hair/bath/body bits I picked up – all from Target. I had heard good things about the Neutrogena Rainbath – little did I now there were multiple options. So I picked up two of them – a refreshing and a renewing one.

Pantene in the US does tend to have a few different products to over here in the UK (they have more space to fill in the US!) so I spotted this Pantene Weekly Deep Cleanse shampoo and ‘Rehab Creme’ conditioning treatment – I had to give them a go. These will come in handy for my March mission of not having rubbish hair. Then lastly I picked up the diddy travel razor – these have now hit shelves over here as I spotted in Superdrug last week. A slightly random one, as I’ve never really though of my razor as being the thing that took up all that much space – but still. Tiny versions of normal things are always fun…so had to buy really!?IMG_7628


That’s it for my US drugstore haul! Oh Target, how do I love thee…. I’m heading back to the US later this year to go to a wedding – so no doubt will do some more shopping when I’m there. What is it about beauty products from other countries?! I just can’t resist!




  1. Annabel
    March 2, 2015 / 11:18 pm

    Amazing haul, and I am so envious of that brush. And warm sugar vanilla? Sounds heavenly!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  2. March 3, 2015 / 1:04 am

    I enjoy reading US haul posts so much. I swear when I eventually go, I will probably bring back a second suitcase full of stuff haha. Warm Vanilla Sugar sounds AMAZING; I love smelling like cake whenever possible. x

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