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Unfortunately for my waistline, I love food. I love going out for breakfast, lunch or dinner (or even all three on a good day…) so when I was invited to visit Tredwell’s in Covent Garden I couldn’t resist. A little about Tredwell’s, it’s located between Covent Garden, Leicester Square and 7 Dials areas. It’s owned by the chef Marcus Wareing – to say Marcus is a good chef is underselling him. He’s the Chef Patron at ‘Marcus’ at The Berkeley (formerly known as Marcus Wareing at The Berkeley) which has two michelin stars to it’s name. He’s also the man behind the Gilbert Scott – located in my favourite building in London, St Pancras station. Then finally there’s Tredwell’s, which is the ‘casual neighbourhood dining’ offering from his foodie empire.



Tredwell’s is a relaxed, but high quality restaurant. Specialising in what they describe as ‘modern London cooking with a focus on British produce’ plus they make a mean cocktail. I went along and took my Dad with me to enjoy a bit of a treat of a weekday lunch at Tredwell’s recently. Now, a little story about this – my Dad is very much into his food too. So for one, he is partial to watching a bit of Masterchef, of which Marcus Wareing is a judge on the professional version of the show. Which basically means that to my Dad he’s quite high up on the ‘impressive celebrity scale’. There’s also a bit of a friend connection in that the daughter of some of my parents very good friend’s, is married to Marcus – so my Dad was very much looking forward to it (as was I) to try out the food of his friend’s famous son in law…although we didn’t expect to see Marcus there at all.

But the biggest surprise of the lunch, and I know this totally made my Dad’s day – was that we not only spotted Marcus but he very kindly took the time to come over and have a chat with us in between courses. He was at the restaurant for a press event being held upstairs, so it really was lovely that he took time to come and say hello and have a natter. The fact my Dad was actually keen to have a photo with him says it all really – I know he was really chuffed to meet him. So a big thank you to Marcus for taking that time to say hello.


But onto the food – which is why we were there! I can honestly say every bit was delicious. I mean, you wouldn’t really expect anything less from a venue led by someone with Michelin stars to their name, but for really reasonable prices the food was seriously delicious. I went for:

Starter: Prawns, White Polenta, Roasted Garlic & Chicken Broth. A combination you maybe wouldn’t expect, but was really good. It does seem odd to me to combine chicken broth with prawns – but I’m no chef so what do I know!? The saltiness of the broth with the perfectly cooked prawns plus the pop of garlic (which was creamy) just worked perfectly. One I would have again for sure.


Main: Cornish 32 day aged Sirloin with peppercorn sauce, with a side of skinny fries and green beans. Some people say a steak is a steak, but this steak was cooked to perfection. I’m fairly easy going with my steak – generally being just as happy to eat rare as I would be well done. But for it to be really well cooked I personally love it when it’s still pink, but not that translucent pink? Well, that’s exactly what this was and it was delicious.


Pudding: Warm chocolate, salted caramel chocolate cornflakes. Sounds like something a six year old might cook up as a delicious desert – totally works. It was dreamy. Warm soft chocolate with the salted caramel and a crunch of chocolate cornflakes? It was exactly as good as it looks in the photos. Very rich though, so make sure you have a drink with it!


My Dad opted for the Confit Salmon starter, Slow cooked pork belly (with side of chips too) and just a coffee for desert. He was just as impressed as I was – with not a bad word to say about the food. The pork was what my Mum would describe as ‘fonty’ (i.e. it falls apart easily)  and looked lovely although I didn’t try so can’t tell you for sure. But what I can tell you is that my food was truly delicious.


Drinks wise I tried one of their signature cocktails – they had a few on the menu that are in partnership with the nearby theatre production of Shakespeare in Love and was a twist on the Mint Julep (the Mint ‘Juliette’) which is one of my favourite cocktails. It was refreshing and just the right amount of minty-ness.


I would 100% recommend Tredwell’s if you’re looking for somewhere that combines a relaxed atmosphere, great food and Covent Garden location. Whilst there are of course lots of great places to eat around Covent Garden it’s all too easy to fall into a fairly generic chain restaurant in an area that’s geared largely towards tourists. Tredwell’s is a wonderful alternative as it offers something that isn’t generic but also isn’t over priced or too stuffy. Wonderful combination and will be taking Ollie there for a date night meal soon as I know he will love it too.

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I was a guest of Tredwell’s Covent Garden.



  1. April 15, 2015 / 5:51 am

    Lovely blog post! The food looks too good! I am totally craving all that now! I’m glad to hear your dad also enjoyed himself! Too bad I live in the States and am missing out on this delicious food! xxx Arianna

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