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So taking a little selfie is hardly a new concept… but it is one that’s kind of become the ultimate internet buzz word over recent years. Thanks a lot Kim-K and the like. And along with the rise of the selfie… comes the rise of wanting to look selfie ready at all times. Last thing you need to be thinking of when getting ready to take that perfectly angled/lit snap is how your skin is is looking (or hair… or lipstick…) … in walks Indeed Labs fillume the moisturiser (and serum) that give that little bit of extra skin plumping to make you selfie ready at all times. Result.



Volumising for the hair is pretty standard, but for the skin might sound a little unusual. But basically, what Fillume offers is a moisturiser that ‘reduces the visible effects of facial volume loss’ – one of those pesky side effects of ticking off each extra birthday. Basically something that tries to help counter that loss of ‘youthful plumpness’ that I used to call baby fat when I was younger and hated it…until it went away and now I want it back in all it’s skin-plumping glory. But until that day (when I have a time machine) I will reach for the lotions and potions to do my best to keep my skin looking as good as possible.

Fillume is the latest offering from Indeed labs and as a current fan of their Hydraluron range I knew I wanted to give this a spin as soon as it came out. It was an instant hit with me (you might recall it being featured in a previous post HERE). One of the things that won be over about it is how awesome it is as a base for make-up. So it became a bit of a staple for me day to day as I love that it keeps my skin hydrated and smooth all day long. Which is perfect if I’m also having an elusive good hair day and want to snap a little selfie… so I thought I’d share a few of my own favourite tips for being photo ready at all times.


Five Photo Ready Face Tips:

1. Get a good base – All about that moisturiser. Use one that manages to hydrate and leave skin looking and feeling hydrated and fresh without feeling heavy or oily. Fillume certainly ticks those boxes all around.

2. Don’t go too heavy – It’s all too tempting to cake on the foundation for that flawless look. But I 100% think less is more – heavy foundation can be ageing, so go light and keep it fresh. Hydrated skin is one giant step towards that smooth finish that doesn’t even need a filter anyway!

3. Let yourself shine – Ok, not like a disco ball… but a little shine never hurt and again, like plumped up/hydrated skin it looks fresh and youthful. Only powder lightly where you really need it – and use a brush not a sponge to apply to keep it matte rather than cakey/flat! A touch of highlighter to add glow in all the right places can always look gorgeously glowing too.

4. Add a little colour – Be it via a bright lip, or flush to the cheeks, colour is always a good shout to make those selfies pop a little. If you prefer your make-up neutral then try posing in front of a bright background or having a bright accessory or clothes in the shot too… easiest way to perk the snap up instantly. No touch-ups required. Also the easiest way to switch your look from day to night!

5. Smile – that old saying about happy girls (and guys) being the prettiest… well, it’s true! Don’t worry about those little ‘imperfections’ or the way your eyes crease a little when you smile… it’s all part of the character and not something that should be edited out! Keep your character and keep grinning – I’m loving letting my Summer freckles show through right now!


When it comes to product my favourite essentials that I’ll always rely on to take me from looking shattered to being selfie-ready are: concealer (all time love being NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer as it’s just as good on eyes as on blemishes in a pinch), a bright lip (distracts from a whole manner of sins on a tired day) a little touch of powder on my nose and that spot between the brows on the forehead. Then finishing touch is either a bit of a volumising hair flip (i.e. tip my head upside down to add a bit of height to my hair quickly) or a touch of hairspray or voluming powder if I’m feeling really fancy.

I almost forgot to mention – along with the moisturiser, there’s also a Fillume Serum too. A little thicker feeling and heavier than the moisturiser, for me I’ve enjoyed using it at night with the moisturiser as a double-whammy, or adding a touch of this on areas where I am most prone to fine lines (laughter lines). But in terms of formula, you could just pick the one you like the most.

Fillume is available from (Serum & Moisturiser from £24.99)

Post sponsored by Indeed Labs.



  1. June 18, 2015 / 8:19 am

    Love the tips for getting photo ready ! Never herd of volumising moisturiser before! x

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