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If you know me, you will know I have a thing for Diet Coke. It’s probably my favourite drink and nothing really refreshes me in the same way. So along with Diet Coke, what else do I have a thing for… make up… so combine these two and I’m pretty happy. Diet Coke has teamed up with L’Oreal to bring you a pretty fab offer for a limited time – it’s only on until 29th March – where you can pick up a L’Oreal Super Liner Blackbuster OR a L’Oreal Super Liner Perfect Slim Eyeliner for just £5 (40% off the RRP of £8.36). IMG_1906

Along with the offer the guys at Diet Coke and L’Oreal have collaborated to come up with some eyeliner hacks to do everything from the classic wing (making it super easy to get right) to creatively using the Diet Coke bottle to get that perfectly lined eye or a graphic liner look.

If there’s one thing I’m always on a quest to perfect, it has to be the classic feline flick. I love the combination of simple eyes with the solid black flick plus a brighter lip. It’s one of my go-to beauty looks. HOWEVER, that does not mean that perfecting that feline flick comes as naturally as one would like… sure, one eye usually goes perfectly… but then the other and then I have to try and match them and next thing you know I’ve painted my whole eyelid black and I’m left in a sobbing mess on the bathroom floor… Ok, so I might be being a tad over dramatic there but that doesn’t mean I’m not looking for new and easy tips to make the whole process a bit easier to get right on BOTH eyes. That would be #makeupgoals right there.

So, for this post I thought I would give one of the classic eyeliner hacks that Diet Coke and L’Oreal have shared. It’s one of those things that’s so simple but so much easier than trying to have that steady hand and do the flick all in one. IMG_1910

Connect the dots

The trick to getting that even line, without the need for a perfectly steady hand is to not try and draw a line. Draw dots, turn those dots into dashes and then connect them up. How much easier is it to connect the dots and create a perfect picture than to draw from scratch? The answer is very. The key is start small, on the inner corner of the eye, do four small dashes along the lid as close to the lashline as you can. Then go back and connect them.

To give this a whirl I chose the L’Oreal Super Liner Blackbuster – which is my favourite of the two as it has a fatter nib that means it’s a little easier to control than the longer wispy one of the fine liner. Even though the nib is fatter, the tip is still fine enough that you can create a more delicate flick. It’s also impressively glossy and black. No patchy, slightly-grey looking eyeliner to be found here. Just pure black. Thumbs up on that front. IMG_1917IMG_1929IMG_1940

Along with the ultimate trick to master winged eyeliner. They also have some other handy hints and tips that creatively combine the Diet Coke bottle with getting that all important eyeliner right! So you too can make that ‘oh so serious’ concentrating on doing my eyeliner face. The essential tip being that to create that flawless line, use something to work as a stencil and define the edges perfectly. Either a straight edge if you want a solid line or go for a softer look with a curved edge. Simple!

For more information on the promotion: – remember it’s only on until 29th March 2016!

Post sponsored by Diet Coke.



  1. March 24, 2016 / 11:58 am

    The Perfect Slim Liner has been one of my favourites for ages, but I must try the Blackbuster liner, as it sounds like it’s much easier to get a good flick! x

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