Rimmel London Kate Moss Lipstick 15 Year Anniversary

When you think of all the brands Kate Moss has worked with as a model over the years, her partnership with Rimmel London has to be one of the most memorable and iconic. Spanning a whopping 15 years, she has gone from being face of to collaborating on some of the best high street lipstick shades there are. Now, 15 years on there’s a pretty special Rimmel London Kate Moss Lipstick 15 Year Anniversary collection and it’s PRETTY.

Rimmel London Kate Moss Lipstick 15 Year Anniversary

There are three nail colours and six lipsticks. The lipsticks are what I wanted to look at today. with three nude shades and three reds. Each created with Kate and her signature style in mind. Best part of this – to find out about the launch I got to meet Kate and hear a bit about the outfits and inspiration behind each shade. Along with have a peek at some of her famous wardrobe items in outfits paired to each lip shade.

Rimmel London Kate Moss Lipstick 15 Year AnniversaryRimmel London Kate Moss Lipstick 15 Year AnniversaryRimmel London Kate Moss Lipstick 15 Year Anniversary

Considering that Kate is known for not doing interviews or talking to press or media much. This was a pretty exciting opportunity. As regardless of your own style, I’m sure almost every woman has wanted to nail a bit of that ‘effortless style’ that Ms Moss captures time and time again. Oh, and did I mention she was really funny?! I don’t know what I really expected – I have met her before, but not in an ‘interview’ type situation – so hearing her speak about anecdotes and style stories with a bit of a wicked laugh that is a hint at the sort of stories she probably *could* tell… It was entertaining. My favourite parts – her talking about a pair of trainers she was given by Noel Gallagher in 1992 (being her only pair of trainers) and how she laughed when she said this as she thought he would kill her for letting on he was the same shoe size as her… Or the story about how she got a vintage replica dress made in five different colours for a party so she kept changing through the night just to mess with people…

Rimmel Kate Moss 15th Anniversary Event

Photo by David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images for Rimmel

BUT back to the new lipsticks. Six gorgeous shades in rose gold packaging. There’s definitely something of the ‘Charlotte Tilbury’ about them, but in a more affordable style. The six shades, as shown left to right above are: 52 Idol Red, 53 Retro Red, 51 Muse Red, 55 My Nude, 56 Boho Nude, 54 Rock N Roll Nude.

So three reds, with an orange-red (Idol Red), a deep plum red (Retro Red) and classic red (Muse Red). Then the three nudes a neutral nude (My Nude), a yelllow toned nude (Boho Nude) and a pink toned nude (Rock N Roll Nude). If I was going to make predictions, I would say the Rock N Roll Nude will be the ‘sell out’ of both the nude selection and the overall collection. On the red side, I’d say that Idol Red is my favourite as I have a weakness for orange toned reds.

I think the Kate Moss Rimmel Lipsticks are definitely some of the best in the affordable market – for the price they’re fantastic quality. The price is a little bit more than the usual Kate Moss lipstick range at £6.49 (usually £5.49) but that accounts for it being a fancy rose gold edition. Just think of the instagram potential. Totally worth it.

Out of interest, what do you think of the shades? Which would you predict to be the top seller of the collection when it launches?

Rimmel London Kate Moss Lipstick 15 Year Anniversary collection * launches on 6th July 2016: boots.com/rimmel

* PR sample or gift.



  1. July 3, 2016 / 8:50 am

    These look so nice! My Kate Moss Rimmel lipsticks are some of my favourites, I have several of them. How cool that you got to meet her!

  2. July 4, 2016 / 1:34 am

    I am a big fan of the Rimmel Kate Moss Lipsticks and these look divine ! Great post x


  3. July 4, 2016 / 10:49 am

    You are so lucky! I purchased my first Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick recently and I love it so much! These are gorgeous, lovely shades and chic packaging! 🙂


  4. July 4, 2016 / 11:19 am

    I’ve never been the biggest Rimmel fan but these pictures have made me pretty interested, I think I might go and have a little swatchy swatch on the way home from work tonight as that red looks gorgeous xoxo

  5. July 9, 2016 / 5:32 pm

    I am such a fan of Rimmel’s lipsticks!!!

  6. Elaine Schechtel
    August 1, 2016 / 12:59 am

    Love Retro red, perfect shade for me, very sexy, plus keeps lips moist

  7. November 24, 2016 / 11:23 am

    The packagings are so beautiful! Only wish they had a few slightly darker nudes

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