Jo Malone Pop Collection

Jo Malone have a new limited edition collection out and it’s one you can’t miss. With bright pink and black striped packaging it’s certainly eye catching but not only is it attention-seeking design wise, there are some pretty exciting products featured too. This is the Jo Malone Pop Collection and it’s been curated by the face of the brand Poppy Delevigne. Can you imagine how much of a dream that must be for her to collaborate with such a cool brand and release a fun collection curated by herself. Honestly, living the dream. But, fan-girling over the brand etc isn’t why I’m here, it’s to chat products and give you a bit of a low-down (hate that expression, but you know what I mean) on what there is that might just tickle your fancy if you fancy a treat…


The biggest news of the collection is not just the PINK AND BLACK SPOTTED RUBBER DUCK… no, but it’s for the first time EVER Jo Malone has launched bubble bath. The ultimate in luxury bathtime with three of the existing scents – Black Cedarwood and Juniper, Velvet Rose & Oud and Nectarine Blossom and Honey. They’re 500ml and £58 a pop, so not the cheapest bath you will ever have. But isn’t that just the ultimate in luxury?! Jo Malone Bubbles…

But that’s not all. The collection also includes a series of fragrances in special pop-style packaging plus (and these are probably my favourites) the candles with the black and pink stripes… including my favourite Blackberry and Bay. Also with Grapefruit and Basil and Neroli fragrances. I’d like one of each pretty please as they all make excellent home scents! The perfumes in the collection include Red Roses, Peony and Blush Suede and Amber and Lavender. Which is the one I have – it’s not a fragrance I’ve tried before but it’s really nice. Quite an unusual scent and maybe a smidge more on the masculine side – which does tend to be how I like my perfumes, with a bit of an edge over heavily floral!

This is a really fun collection with bold packaging that really stands out from the usual styling of the brand. It’s fun and colourful – other than the bubble bath the rest of the products are some of the main line fragrances with the twist on the packaging so unless you absolutely adore the collectors items in these fragrances then it may or may not be enough to push you to purchase but if you love the styling then definitely grab these whilst you can. I know the candle for me is going to be pride of place on my sideboard… now will I ever be bold enough to actually use it?!

Jo Malone Pop Collection is available now from Selfridges (Limited Edition)


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