10 Month baby update

I think every time I’ve sat down to write one of these I’ve started by exclaiming how baffled I am at how X amount of time has passed since Eleanor was born. Yes, no different this time around – I’m pretty sure it was only a couple of weeks ago that I was doing a three month update… but here we are, technically a day away from the official 10 month mark as I write this, but close enough. Can’t believe there’s already the sight of a first birthday around the corner. Crazy.

But yes, 10 months – where are we at? Well, I’ve learnt over the past 10 months that it seems life with a baby follows a sort of pattern of chaos and routine. Just as you find your rhythm and get into a routine – something changes and you plunge into chaos again. Sometimes this chaos can be a day a week or a month or longer. But as each thing changes you have to find your new routine and personally I find the whole parenting thing that bit easier to manage day to day when I feel I know the routine and I have a handle on it.

The biggest thing to throw off our routine in recent months is probably weaning. Honestly, that was probably the most daunting parenting step I’ve had so far. I can’t even put a finger on what it was but it really stumped me and if I could have just happily fed her milk until she was 18 and off to uni I think I would have…

However, once we got started and actually had a decent meet with the Health Visitor they put my mind at rest and I found it much easier to get going. Eleanor is now pretty solidly on three meals a day. Breakfast is usually a Weetabix (made with her formula milk), lunch could be a small version of what I’m having, scrambled egg and toast, avocado, or an Ella’s Kitchen pouch (or the Aldi equivalent – we have both and they’re both as good as each other IMO). For dinner she will have anything from a smaller version of our food again, a pouch or a small meal portion that’s been made fresh then frozen (my mother in law has been so helpful making her little meals and bringing in small tupperwear pots for me to freeze). Followed by a piece of fruit or some yogurt. Through the day she will usually have a snack or two, a baby biscuit, piece of fruit or some yoghurt generally. Plus water with every meal. She has milk AM, midday and before bed. Plus we’re still doing a dream feed.

The dream feed is the next step in terms of changes and we’re working towards dropping it. But for now, it works so don’t want to mess with it too quickly since our routine seems to be working and with Eleanor starting nursery this month I didn’t want to mess with things too much.

So yes, this is the biggest thing change wise happening but Eleanor has started going to nursery two days a week. Sure, there’s a part of me that’s sobbing and wanting her to stay a baby with me forever. But also, there’s part of me that knows it’s the right time for both of us. It’s only two days and I’ll be with her the vast majority of the other days of the week and those two days mean she gets to play in a different space, see new faces and generally have new experiences. Her first week settling in was a success overall. Sleeping at nursery as well as she does at home is a bit of a work in progress but for a first week I couldn’t be happier with how she settled in. She wasn’t 100% happy with me leaving her today but I am hopeful that she’s adjusting well and likes it there.

I also wanted to add that with the head full of hair she’s had since she was born has gone lighter and lighter. She has had a haircut but I haven’t done so recently as I’m hoping it will grow to the length it tucks behind her ears as it gets longer. So sometimes at the moment she looks a little bit messy-haired. She also has a bit of a cold, bless her!

Oh and of course I should probably add that she’s crawling now too. Only really as of early Jan but she’s gained some serious speed already. Oh and if you chase her she giggles like it’s the most hilarious thing in the world. It also means day to day life is constantly looking for danger spots and watching her like a hawk… but also wanting to be happy letting her play without me hovering over her.

As for me, I feel this month or even I could say this new year is the first window where I’ve really felt a bit more like the me before baby life kicked in. I feel motivated and positive. I have two days a week to get back to properly focussed on work. Getting truly back into work mode hasn’t been as easy as I hoped, feels a bit like I have cobwebs on my brain sometimes. But once I get started and more into the flow of things I feel like it’s going to be great. I love spending time at my desk, Kisstory on the radio and just enjoying those work bits and bobs.

Along with work I am also getting focussed on looking after myself a bit more health wise. I adopted some bad habits over the time from being pregnant. Partly down to my appetite being thrown off in those early months, followed by endless sweet cravings and tiredness meaning unhealthy diet and lack of exercise were the norm. But I’ve started a new 8 week fitness plan and I hope to continue it as part of my weekly routine. This morning after the nursery drop I went out for a 20 minute run. Only a slow and short one. But the first one since having a baby and I didn’t wet myself. So that’s a result right?! (Mum pelvic floor joke there. Having a child is just non stop lols)

I always feel like I write these updates when we’re in a good phase. But not to say it’s all plain sailing. I think I only really have the headspace to think about writing them when we’re in a good place. When things are trickier my head tends to be full of: nap timing planning, what do I need to pack if we’re leaving the house? Do I need to clean the high chair AGAIN? Is she teething? Has she eaten enough? How long to the next meal? Not that those questions vanish at all, but they’re a bit further back in my brain when I feel I have a handle on it all.

I’m planning a post with recommendations for purchases to make for the first year with baby. I have had it on my list for roughly 9 months now… so I’m sure I’ll get to doing it by the time she’s oooh… four or something?!

Story of my life now, full of good intentions of being completely organised but then life has other plans for me… but I’m working on it!



  1. February 2, 2019 / 1:15 pm

    A lovely post! Would really love what you’d recommend for their first year as I’m pregnant with my first! Lovely posts x

    • Jen
      February 2, 2019 / 8:27 pm

      I have a post on some recommendations in the works! Will try and get it finished off this week!

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