Anatomicals Farewell the Scarlet Pimplehell Face Mask: Review

A while ago I tested the Anatomicals Hair Mask and REALLY loved it- it smelt divine and left my hair the softest it has been since I started abusing it with heat and products… I am pleased to find that the face mask is very much the equivalent in quality as the hair mask. The thick, gloopy, mud-mask actually smells quite nice, which is a pretty rare quality for a mud-mask in my opinion. The sachet contains a decent amount of product, enough to probably do two faces-worth of mask action. In fact, I did one on Friday (full face) and then another (T-zone) on Saturday- yep, this is how eventful my weekend has been.

Anyway, the mask applies easily and dries in around 15 mins, depending how thick you spread it. It washes off fairly easily, although as per usual with a mud mask this can be a little messy. After rinsing, my skin felt really deeply clean but also soft rather than the usual tightness that I tend to have after a face mask and today my skin still feels lovely and clean. I have another sachet of this that I plan to take away with me for a bit of a holiday pampering session.

You can get of these skin-pampering lovelies from the Anatomicals website for £5

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