Rush Hair, Tottenham Court Road: Review

I love getting my hair done. But I’m not very brave. If it ventures out of the long and blonde category then I’m too chicken to do it. So don’t be surprised that the before and after pictures don’t exactly look like a radical change! I just went for slightly more ashy (rather than golden) toned highlights a trim and a long fringe that I can wear either on a side or centre parting.
I was invited to go along to a Rush salon for a cut and colour to review the services. I chose to go to the relatively new salon on Tottenham Court Road as it’s very convenient for where I work, plus it’s all shiny and new!
The salon is nice and open, with quite a few seats/stations but not cramped at all. I was looked after by Sam, the top stylist at the branch (he was also head stylist at the last Fashion Week for shows like Pam Hogg and PPQ) he was very busy and in demand as was juggling looking after me and another client at the same time.

I often find that I judge a salon appointment on the consultation at the beginning more than anything else as this is when you get your first impressions of how much your stylist is listening to what you want or how much they have decided what they want to do to your hair, regardless of your view. I took pictures (really recommend doing this, even if you take the same one every time – it’s the easiest way to show what you want) and we talked colour. Sam suggested I go for ashy tones for my highlights and include a few darker bits to break the colour up. I was happy to go with that.

I liked that for the majority of the appointment I was left to enjoy catching up on magazines rather than making small talk about holidays. I am a chatty person normally, but when it comes to hair appointments I do like to just enjoy the trashy mags! I felt very looked after in terms of being offered drinks (I could have gone for a few glasses of wine, but tried to be sensible and stuck to juice) plus with each drink came a pair of biscuits which, whilst not a nutritious dinner, did really help as I was quite hungry by the end of the three hour appointment!
At the point where the colour is washed off I liked how I was asked if I wanted a head massage (yes please, that’s the best bit!) and if I wanted a treatment.
Overall it was a lovely appointment and I am happy with my refreshed, although not dramatically different hair (sometimes that’s the best thing though – if you have found something that works then you want to stick with it & not risk it being ruined by a scissor happy stylist!).
From my experience, I would describe Rush salons as a reliable choice if you want something convenient and affordable where you can rely on getting a good quality cut and colour.
Rush Tottenham Court Road: 020 3468 7354

I was a guest of Rush Hair.



  1. Alice
    June 29, 2011 / 12:37 pm

    Your hair looks gorgeous! I used to have my hair done at Rush Convent Garden and it was the best hair I ever had, the stylist left and I have never found anyone as good again. Looks like you’ve found a winner there! I didn’t even know they had a salon on Tottenham Court Road – so thanks for that info! x

  2. June 29, 2011 / 2:58 pm

    Actually the difference in the before/after pics is quite obvious…or maybe I am just not one for radical changes too :PpPp The end result is very pretty and your face looks radiant too! Which foundation did you use? 🙂

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