Barry’s Bootcamp London: The Nice Bits!

If you follow me on twitter (or read my intro post) then you will already know for April I have been on a bit of a fitness mission – one part of which is Barry’s Boot camp. Barry’s is the ‘celeb’ favourite that came over from LA and is basically all the best bits of a boot camp, the running and the weight lifting and the crunches…lots of crunches. But all housed within a rather fab indoor gym environment with a mix of state of the art treadmills plus all the dumbbell weight options, medicine balls and ‘booty bands’ you could ever need.

But with an LA fitness trend comes LA prices, one thing Barry’s isn’t is cheap – but with the premium price comes a number of other perks to make working your butt off that little bit nicer, so I’m dedicating this update post to ‘the nice bits’ of Barry’s Boot camp!

barrys bc nice facilities
barrys bootcamp malin and goetz barrys bootcamp showers

Starting with the obvious (from the photos) – the beauty bits! A sort of typical place to start for a beauty fiend like myself – but the who gym is kitted out with Malin + Goetz products. The shower includes Bergamot Body Wash, Peppermint Shampoo and Cilantro Conditioner. I absolutely adore the Peppermint Shampoo – to have gone from shampoo every other day to every day, the shampoo is really cleansing, really refreshing after a sweaty work out but gentle enough on the scalp that it doesn’t irritate.

The Bergamot Body wash is refreshing but not drying and the conditioner softens without weighing down. Basically an ideal selection for ‘please everyone’ lovely to use product.

Then on top of the shower trio there’s also the Rum Hand Wash (yum), Neroli Hand and Body Lotion (double yum) and Grapefruit Face Wash – really refreshing but not harsh. Lovely stuff. Then of course are the gorgeous Malin + Goetz  Candles that are burning all over the changing rooms – making it much nicer than the average gym changing room.

In addition to the beauty bits they also have other nice little details that have clearly been thought through – they have pots of spare hair bands at reception, plus gum and mints (lovely stuff). Then the changing room also has cotton pads and cotton buds and that sort of little detail that come in handy. The lockers are also electronic so no need for a £1 or a padlock – just enter your own code and it locks and there are plenty to go around – although only a few in the actual changing room, lots in the corridor just outside.

So the facilities are really nice, make it a more pleasant place to be –  and also means you don’t need to lug around a whole selection of products to get you ready for facing the world post-work out. There are a few little things that could be down to teething problems since it only opened in January – there are only three shower cubicles, which means many people run out of class before the cool down part is done to avoid waiting to get in plus there have been a few issues when there’s a busy class where the hot water runs out before everyone has had chance to shower. When classes can have around 35 people in them, of which the vast majority (I’d say at least 2/3) are women, it really would be ideal to have more than three shower cubicles with hot water running. But as I said, these could be teething problems  (and not going to lie – sometimes coming out of a class dripping in sweat, a cold shower doesn’t always seem like the worst thing in the world!

One last thing worth a mention is the Fuel Bar – a protein shake bar to refuel after your work out with a selection of shakes available – I’ve tried the YogiBerry and Mocha and the mocha has changed my life* – it’s delicious! I’ve taken to replacing my breakfast on workout days with one of these and they keep me satisfied until lunchtime.

*possible slight exaggeration

I hope you found that run down of the ‘nice bits’ of Barry’s Boot camp helpful/interesting! On the actual work out side, it’s been tough but I’ve decided I’m going to sign up to what they call ‘Hell Week’ to finish off April and will be doing a full update on how it’s all gone then.

Visit Barry’s Bootcamp London Website for more information.

The Academy Membership has been provided for review.



  1. yassysblog
    April 25, 2013 / 8:13 pm

    I really want to try Barry’s Bootcamp and this has made me want to do it even more. Great post

  2. April 29, 2013 / 10:23 am

    This place sounds absolutely amazing, I read your first Barrys post and love the idea of fitting in a class before starting work plus who doesn’t enjoy added benefits like candles in the changing rooms and a shake bar? If there was a Barrys coming up north I’d certainly consider signing up!


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