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Time for another wedding related post from me, and for this one I thought I would do a little summary of the Top 5 Wedding blogs I’ve been loving and looking to for inspiration over the planning process so far. One thing to mention though is that whilst I’m absolutely loving wedding blogs and they really are gorgeous to look at – I would say to try and do so in moderation as sometimes it can feel a bit overwhelming. Photos on wedding blogs are always stunning and show you every tiny detail of a wedding – which personally can make me freak out a little. We haven’t even sorted what we’re serving for food – let alone what cut personalised messages I’m going to hand scribe on a napkin that’s delivered to each guest by gold painted dove… or whatever. You get the point, the sheer intricacy of some weddings can make me feel a bit swamped. Of course, I want the day to be gorgeous but I want to focus on having a day filled with fun and laughter with everyone I love around me – rather than the months before stressing over the small things like table favours and the like. That’s not to say these things wont be thought about and dealt with, but in relation to blogs – they give me a ton of inspiration, but with a ton of inspiration it also feels like there’s a ton of pressure that comes with it. You know how you want your wedding to look like the weddings in the photos? That sort of pressure. Totally self-inflicted, but real none the less.

So enjoy the blogs, look at the pictures and find inspiration and maybe even a supplier or two, or a DIY you might try your hand at – but personally I’m always telling myself to focus on the things that matter about the day – and to me, that’s having a wonderful day full of fun and laughter. Not necessarily looking at it as an opportunity for a wedding-blog photo shoot! With that in mind…on to the five wedding blogs I’ve been loving:

rock my wedding

Rock My Wedding

One of the first blogs I really fell for as just loved the styles of the weddings featured. They do of course vary and are all unique, but there was something relaxed about each of them and that’s exactly what we want with ours. Not too heavy on the formality or tradition – I couldn’t see myself wearing a big skirted dress, or getting married in a church as it just didn’t feel like me. So Rock My Wedding was my first port of call for alternative wedding versions – very handy for someone who had zero clue where to start when I first got engaged (still not totally sure I have a clue now).

style me pretty

Style Me Pretty 

Style Me Pretty has the most perfect name and just sums up what this blog is all about. Filled with gorgeous wedding inspiration, mostly from across the pond rather than the UK (where they *really* do gorgeous weddings where every last detail is covered) I’ve loved this for colour scheme ideas and just general wedding gorgeousness. Perfect for ideas and inspiration – and a little dreaming.

before the big day

Before the Big Day

Before the Big Day is a wonderful blog full of British wedding inspiration – and I find it has a lot of London based weddings, which I love to read about and spot locations around the city that I know. I actually think it was this blog where I spotted the venue that one of my best friends and bridesmaids is actually getting married at – so wedding blog inspiration definitely works! I love how this is a combination of real weddings, trends and DIY tips. It’s a mixture between fun ideas and things that are genuinely helpful.

boho weddings

Boho Weddings

I feel a bit like the word Boho has had a bad rap over the years, ever since gypsy skirts and wide hip belts came and went from the fashion radar. But Boho weddings is none of that, it’s all things lovely and Boho – basically translating into slightly quirky, generally more relaxed weddings and just the sort of thing I personally adore. This is another that isn’t just full on inspiration, but also lots of useful stuff – DIY tips, suppliers, even downloads you can get that might help you on the planning front. A gorgeous place to spend some time if you’re looking for a wedding with a less traditional feel to it.

the pretty blog

The Pretty Blog

The Pretty Blog is an all round beauty of a blog, with a heavy dose of weddings – but also with a fair share of other generally pretty lifestyle bits. So if perhaps you might want to browse a wedding blog, but not freak out your boyfriend yet…this is a good call. You can just say you were looking at cupcake recipes…not wedding dresses!  This is one of those blogs I can get lost in for hours!

Hope you enjoyed having a little read of those, a few of my current wedding related favourites – if you have any you’re loving please let me know in the comments!


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