Super Facialist by Una Brennan Anti Blemish Mask

Una Brennan Anti Blemish Mask is the product I mentioned in the Una Brennan Scrub post last week – obviously both of these are from the same range and if you tend to suffer from spots or break outs they might just be ones you want to have in your spot-zapping arsenal. For me, as I mentioned in the scrub post I am lucky to only have to deal with occasional break outs – which is why I do like to have a mask like this in the kit to pull out to tackle any said break outs asap. Though having said that, the first trial run this baby had was actually on the boyfriend when he returned from his stag do. A week of drinking/eating/suncream and generally not really looking after yourself meant he was in need of a touch of detoxing – so I offered to give him a facial! He’s probably going to hate me for writing about this on the blog…but I figured it’s a good a test as any! Plus I have of course tried it myself, but having two mask guinea pigs rather than one might make it more interesting!?

una brennan clay mask.jpg



So the mask itself is quite thick and creamy – pretty much your typical clay mask. It goes on wet and gradually dries to pull out the impurities (at least that’s what I’m hoping). The big selling point for me is the salicylic acid promise of clearing out pores – now forgive me if the explanation isn’t 100%, as I’m no skin wizard – but my understanding of Salicylic Acid is that it basically chemically exfoliates skin. So can help deep cleanse/un clog by removing dead skin cells from the skin surface and prevent blockages or congestion.

When you apply the liquid/clay feels very smooth and cool – so immediately feels refreshing. It isn’t a self heating type of clay mask, so stays cool and just tends to dry out as it is left on for longer. But my favourite aspect of the mask is how it doesn’t feel drying or leave skin feeling tight afterwards. My skin personally felt like it does need a moisturiser, but it basically always feels like that – it didn’t feel tight or overly dehydrated. Just quite clean and fresh – I popped on a layer of my current favourite non-SPF moisturiser (i.e. I use when not going outside) the Vitamin E Sorbet from The Body Shop and voila – clean, decongested skin that isn’t dried out like a piece of fruit in the sun. Happy days.

Superfacialist by Una Brennan Anti Blemish Mask * is available from Boots




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