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I’ve been a fan of and used Pantene on and off for as long as I can remember – sure, I might dabble with other brands. But it’s one of the ones I always come back to. It was with Pantene that I first experienced that ‘new shampoo’ feeling of amazing freshness that you can only really get when you use a new bottle. I’m also a BIG fan of the Aqualight range from the brand – because my dry but fine hair loves it (and it smells amazing). Well, the folks over at Pantene have given the range a bit of a make-over/reformulation – with the addition of a new ‘copper fighting particle’… but why and what’s it like to use… read on!


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Ok, so I’m no scientist but to try and explain in the easiest way possible – the bods over at Pantene Pro-V Research Institute found that hair (everyone’s) can suffer from a build-up of ‘oxidative minerals’, or stuff that makes the hair oxidise. Oxidation is where the thing (in this case, the hair) reacts with the environment it’s in and the process causes damage. This is a theory/trend I’ve also seen in skincare a lot recently as oxidation is being held up as one of the top causes of premature skin ageing. The main issue with oxidation being that is causes a production of free radicals that damage cells. So, essentially, each time we wash out hair we are exposing it to the oxidation process and damage that can come from the copper in tap water (don’t get me started on all the rubbish that can be found in tap water…) which can over time, cause damage and eventually result in hair that is brittle, frizzy and break therefore lots of not so good hair days.

Phew – does that help explain it?! Well –All Pantene Pro-V shampoos have been reformulated to incorporate this new copper fighting molecule, Anti-Oxidant Damage Blocker technology (quite a mouthfull).  PLUS the entire new collection that I’ve been trying here – the new Pantene Pro-V Breakage Defence. The new collection incorporates the copper technology alongside a root to tip strength complex, that work together to help to protect hair’s core for strong hair from root to tip, so you can go through your daily hair abuse/routine (delete as appropriate…) without the fear of hair breakage – in fact it promises up to 97% less hair breakage. I’ve been using the shampoo and conditioner for the past week, plus the ‘Hair Strength Tonic’ and ‘Strengthening Intensive Conditioner’ to see how my hair liked them.

The shampoo have that familiar Pantene Pro-V scent, but with something slightly different. It’s maybe a bit more subtle? But it certainly still delivers that clean and fresh hair feeling. The shampoo feels quite rich to use as it really lathers to a big foam, very quickly. But does rinse clean easily – always something I want from a shampoo. I want my hair to feel squeaky clean after use and it certainly does with this one. The conditioner also has something very familiar ‘typical’ Pantene Pro-V about it. I like this as with such a classic brand you wouldn’t really want a reformulation to take away the things that have made it such a household name. So I like that the familiar and much loved smell & feeling is still there.

In terms of over a week of use my hair does feel super soft – like it does after a good deep condition. Right now, in the run up to getting married is exactly what I want – my hair in the best possible condition (in the shortest possible time…) so this was perfect timing to give this range a go. Longer term, I’d definitely be keen to try out my old favourite Aqualight range again – seriously, if you have fine hair you need to check it out, it’s lovely.

Of course the other bit of good news is that the copper molecule is across the range so you can fight that pesky oxidation effect whatever Pantene Pro-V range you choose.

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  1. Josie
    August 21, 2014 / 11:13 am

    I’ve been reading about environmental build up in our hair a lot recently, really want to try this out!

    Josie XOXO
    Fashion Mumblr

  2. August 31, 2014 / 9:55 pm

    I just bought the shampoo and conditioner but haven’t tried it out yet. I’m expecting good things now, so I hope they work well for me too. I also have dry, fine hair and it breaks A LOT, so if it works out, this could appear in a future favourites post on Beautiful Life as I know it
    Gemma x

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