Simple Skincare #AboutFace Week Four

simple skincare #aboutfaceHow is it already week four of my #AboutFace trial?! Seriously, how has January sped fast so quickly? Well, it’s true – how are those New Year resolutions holding up for you? Well, for me my number one of not being late is going pretty well.. so far at least! Drinking water… having good days and bad days. Skincare… this one I’m holding up pretty well!

One of the good things about this Simple Skincare #AboutFace trial – as much as it’s not strictly the *best* thing to do, I have reached for the Simple Skincare Wipes on the odd lazy day. I know that using a wipe as cleanser is sometimes not considered quite as thorough as a wash or cream cleanse – but sometimes needs must ok. And I’ve actually always gotten along well with Simple wipes so as the odd cheat I feel pretty happy!


But face wipes aside, as this is the final update I thought now would be the perfect time to tell you about the products I’ve been using and the favourites. As over the month I’ve made a few tweaks and changes to totally customise the Simple products I’m using to how my skin was behaving at the time. One of the joys of such an extensive range – you can pick the perfect mix for your skin type and use preferences.


The Soothing Toner – has been a real stand out for me. In the morning, I’m loving this as a total refresher and at night as a nice light feeling toner. I don’t find this feels drying at all and really like it.

For a proper cleanse every evening and most mornings too I’ve been using the Moisturising Cleanser. It’s quite creamy but delivers a bit of foaming action. I personally like a foaming cleanser as feel it leaves my skin really thoroughly cleansed. If you have really dry skin or prefer something that feels rich and without the foam – you could try the lotion cleanser instead.

The Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover – this is without a doubt one of the ‘hero’ products from Simple. For good reason, it budges everything and doesn’t feel harsh at all – no need to rub at the lashes to budge stubborn mascara. Even this last week when I’ve been layering a primer and mascara – no hassle to remove at all.


There are two products specifically for the eyes that I’ve been using and one for me is an absolute winner. There’s the Kind To Eyes Revitalising Eye Roll On – an essential for tired or hungover eyes. Just so cooling and refreshing. Then there’s the Kind To Eyes Soothing Eye Balm – now this is the one that’s seriously won me over. A light but really hydrating lotion that manages to feel moisturising and refreshing all at once. A tiny bit goes a long way and I find it’s light enough that I can dab it over my make-up without ruining things. Also, as an extra bonus – in a tight spot it also makes a great cuticle cream and even sorts lips if you’re getting really desperate!



I started out using the Light Hydrating Lotion – and whilst on one level I really did like it. It feels really light but does hydrate skin well. At this time of year where my skin is at it’s worst I really felt I needed something a bit more intense. So I switched it up for the Kind To Skin Vital Vitamin Day Cream (SPF 15). I like that this has added SPF in there and it just felt like it was a better fit for my dehydrated skin. For night I also went for the Kind To Skin Vital Vitamin Night Cream. With the lighter lotion, on days when I was just at home rather than out and about, I would reach for this for a hydrating top up through the day – as it feels refreshing too.

Don’t forget to have a little watch of my final video diary from December – when on 31st December I basically realised that this one day brings together ALL that is bad for your skin over the month on ONE DAY!


Final Verdict?

Well, I’ve used Simple Skincare many a time in the past so even before I started out I was confident it would do the job. It’s one of those brands that you can just rely on for that ‘reset’ phase where you want your skin to get back to behaving itself. That’s exactly what it did this month. I took it from dull and dehydrated to a place where I’m happy enough to post a make-up free picture as I did for last week’s diary entry. As much as I am a sucker for expensive and fancy skincare, it’s been really refreshing to just take it all back to basics and use something like Simple.

In terms of the top picks for products – for me it’s the Soothing Eye Balm, the Soothing Toner and ever amazing Gentle Eye Make-Up remover. All great products that deliver as promised or even go over and above (as per the multi-tasking of the Eye Balm). These three especially will 100% be sticking with me beyond the ‘official’ #AboutFace trial in January!

Let me know if you have tried Simple Skincare before and what your verdict is. What products did you try and how did you get on. Has January been #AboutFace for you too!?

Post in collaboration with Simple Skincare.

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